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Getting started in the process of reducing the odor and adjusting to a new diet created by YOU and guided by me.

Date:   10/21/2014 9:55:24 PM ( 9 y ago)

Personal Backstory

I went through this (fecal body odor) for the rest of high school until my senior year when I decided that if I did not eat then I would not smell. Starving myself was something I knew was never okay; but I was desperate to stop the odor and it worked on an empty stomach. Of course I was not eating absolutely anything. I knew spices contributed to my odor so I ate a little bit of anything not spiced. I ate potato chips, milk shakes, juice, fruit, yogurt, and more. None this helped at all. The odor was a little less but very evident. I had to starve myself every other day. I started to get scared as I had dropped 70 pounds by the end of the school. In 9 months I had become scary skinny. When I graduated, I  went back to consuming fattening foods to gain my weight back, but still no spices. It was until I found the cure zone and a name for what I was going to that I finally felt there was hope.


Reducing the Odor

Removing spices from my diet was not something I regretted. What I realized was that my digestive system was so weak that I could not metabolize spices like garlic and onions quick enough. See, the sulfur compounds in garlic and onions seep into our bloodstreams just like how the toxins released by candida seep into our bloodstreams carrying the fecal matter in our system. I know it is difficult to let go of spices/seasoning but if your odor gets worst after having pepper, onions or garlic, let it go. They do not worsen your candida, in fact garlic's antifungal properties attacks the candida*, but they do make you smell bad.

Try sea salt, natural herbs and dried herbs for now. Do not use soy sauce. It is processed soy beans and has a large impact on your body making the odor 10x worst. Try coconut aminos instead, it is full of healthy minerals and from what I have heard, it tastes just like soy sauce (not coconut) and even better. 

The next big step is dropping the processed foods. The junk food has got to go. I do not need to describe to you what foods are categorized as junk food because we all know what they are. I will just be brief by saying no sweets, no chips, no grease, etc. This is just the beginning because the odor is not close to 70% gone. Lots of sacrifices will have to be made in order for us to get better. We do not deserve to suffer like this.

* Garlic is a powerful antifungal and antibacterial agent but it is so powerful that when it attacks the candida, the candida releases so many toxins that attack your body, it can make your candida symptoms worse.


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