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Pre-planning video shoots for the "show".

Date:   10/3/2014 8:45:18 AM ( 9 y ago)

As of 6:00 AM (8:00 AM according to CureZone's Time Zone) Friday, October 3, 2014

“Old Wagon Trail” Goat Milk Dairy and more.

I'm imagining a “remote shoot” at the Old Wagon Dairy farm location that mostly consists of an introduction to the animals: “Meet The Animals”! Starting with the goats, then the chickens, the ducks and finally the pigs. (Are there any other animals besides rabbits and guineas?)

Ideally we’d run the camera through some kind of a controller so that we edit as we shoot and avoid (or at least minimize) the post-editing as much as possible. Is this feasible for us?

The finished video would be about 10 minutes. It would be available at YouTube with a link to Mike’s webpage where people can sign up. We also have the video on DVD to show at our goat milk magic “shows”. The “shows” will include Mike’s video as well as “Raw Milk The Whole Truth” which I will make available on DVD. That is a grand total of about one full hour of video viewing. Then I’d share about my predominant raw goat dairy diet and how that is working for me. As I write this now (at 6:20 AM) I imagine having some video taping of my dairy production from the moment of Mike’s delivery to the time I put gallon jars up on the pantry shelf. (I can also include my blending the next day.) That video can be about 5 minutes and the viewing can be followed by Q&A on that process.

Then we need to have sign-up access possibly in a couple forms, one printed and on online and or email Mike. We also need an incentive to have people sign up then and there. One thought I have is to invite people from specific geographic areas (the reasoning for which I will explain).

Thinking further on the “show” we could make some refreshments available like my kombucha, maybe in two forms of maturity. Also could possibly make my “coconut bliss” available.


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