End of day 3! by Redswaterfast .....

End of day 3!

Date:   9/25/2014 9:43:15 AM ( 9 y ago)

End of day 3.
Dear lord the growling in my stomach last night. Sounded like I was a garbage disposal so I put a spin on it and thought of my body disposing of all the toxins in it and beginning to heal myself. Dull headache all day. Today, whenever I felt like I wanted something to eat, I grabbed a glass of spring water and surfed the net for more info on fasting and testimonials for other true fasters. I am beginning to mourn the loss of my morning eggs. Funny how that is what I want most, not the wine I drank every night to relax and wind down. Now Iím thinking of all the $ Iíll save on not buying chardonnay all the time. Giving my liver a break from wine and getting it to work on healing me. Yes!


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