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9.) Time to rethink our relationship with and especially our use of water plus consider new ways that can actually be for the greater good!

Date:   8/30/2014 8:45:15 PM ( 7 y ago)

IMHO - The next "frontier" for "Western Civilization" is a cross the board transformational renewal throughout all of our urban development. This doesn't mean a like-need is no longer required in rural development and farming communities. Only that the need in the cities has barely been realized - let alone touched upon.

For instance - at least here in California there has been enduring a draught in terms of our rain fall. There is great, growing, pressing need now to rethink our water usage! At the same time it is a great opportunity to make use of rainfall in the cities in new ways that has not been implemented before.

Where I live we have "talked" about collecting rain water and watering our gardens with it and although there had been one barrel set up for collecting rain water the overall idea was not fully implemented to the extent that it could be. Then finally (after about 12 years of having purchased them) we put up rain gutters across the front of the house and channeled the rain water to two additional barrels! However nothing further was done about the water collected in the barrels! Then I decided to begin watering the compost pile with it. That is one approach that could be considered at virtually every home throughout this city and every other!

Another thing is the collection and use of urine as a fertilizer. Consider the following article.:


(I got 8,800 hits for my google search: "vermont farmer"+urine)

Every home with a "backyard" could have a compost pile to recycle their kitchen wastes and alleviate the city's land fill burden as well as return some nutrition to the home's garden (or at least the soil there). The compost pile could easily take the addition of the urine that is generated at that house. If a toilet uses about two gallons of water per flush and if the toilet is used five times a day (just for flushing down only urine) then that is at least 10 gallons per day of water possibly per person that could be saved by collecting the urine and adding it to a compost pile. In a household of six that may be a savings of about sixty gallons of water per day or 1,800 gallons per month. We get billed every two months and for the eight of us that may total 3,600 gallons of water! I wonder what the "dollar" amount is for 4,800 gallons of water.


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