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intermittent fasting

Date:   8/25/2014 10:30:33 AM ( 9 y ago)

I've decided to start a water fast to clean my body from toxins, i also read this will help with allergies, since i suffer from severe food allergies, i'm hoping to see if it helps. I will be doing a series of fasting with intermittent feeding, and lots of cardio exercise as well as weights, to make sure i do not get flaccid skin. currently i'm weighing 205 pounds, i have been heavier than that, but since i went on vacation i gained around 20 pounds, my goal is to go back to my original weight that i kept for pretty much all my life, started to gain when i was 24, im currently 29 so i think 5 years of pigging out is more than enough, ready to recuperate my life and be the old me. Today i start my first fast which will be 30 days, lets see how it goes, i've done several short fasts, but never one that long, i will be reporting my detailed experience every 2 days, in regards of weight loss and symptoms of each day for 30 days, on day 31 i will be breaking my water fast and re feeding with a veggies diet.


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