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Date:   7/20/2014 1:44:09 AM ( 9 y ago)

Suffering from Mold Illness is unlike anything you can imagine until you experience it. This is especially true if you were a perfectly healthy woman prior to exposure.

Now I could (and probably will) write a book on my story, but for now I'll just explain why I've chosen juice fasting as my current (and hopefully final) protocol. You see, fasting is just plain logical. Animals fast when they're sick, so why shouldn't we? Does it not make sense to stop burdening the body with food when it is constantly trying to fight the pathogens within? Now don't get me wrong, perhaps there ARE treatments out there to reverse my disease, but I've already wasted too much time and money trying to find them.

The decision to do this actually came about 5 days ago. During the past two years I developed very small rashes. The first one was last November on the back of my hand, and the other was last week on the underside if my wrist. No big deal, I figured I was detoxing. Then, all hell broke loose. Last Tues I developed a rash that engulfed the ENTIRE front of my thigh. It looked like I was mauled by a wild animal. At that point I knew I had to try something drastic because it is clear that my immune system had become much weaker.

I had NEVER in my life had a rash like the one that is still on my thigh today. And boy does it itch as bad as it looks. I will upload a pic of it soon.

So, here I am at day 4 into my journey. The first few days were not hard because of hunger. They were difficult because us mold victims are usually plagued with unexplained anxiety and breathing issues. There were a couple of uncomfortable moments (especially when waking from sleep in a slight panic), but it hasn't been so bad. Cleaning the juicer has just replaced my effort of cooking.

Now I am not consuming as much as recommended, but that is my choice because of financial/convenience reasons. Also, I believe this juice loses it's enzymes after a short period of time, so it wouldn't make sense to travel with it. I simply consume one 8oz serving that includes veggies and a little fruit in the day, and all veggie juice at night.

Here are my positives for today:

- better energy

- improved sleep

- healthy bowel movements

- stopped taking Rx for desiccated thyroid

- no more taste of mucus when I wake up

- improved breathing

- edema is lessening and I can start to see my old figure again


- still have small bouts of uneasiness

- getting cold VERY easily (to the point where I tremble) - this would be almost impossible to do in winter

So you can see the pros outweigh the cons. Also, I am allowing myself a few supplements. These include:

- whole food multi

- chlorella

- Green Vibrance

- bee pollen

- spirlina

- unsweetened Kool aid with stevia whenever I desire :)

So there you have it. I will try to update this blog as often as possible. I hope you have enjoyed reading it.


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