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Awareness of the flow of Qi.

Date:   7/8/2014 9:22:45 PM ( 5 y ago)

Today during my early rising the "flow of life" was impressed upon me.

I understand how easy it can be to succumb to the outer world and its demands; especially when pressure appears and one's capacity for pressure is limited and when one's behavior is driven by attempts to "eliminate" the pressure! These attempts often only add more pressure! The result is perpetual suffering. Suffering from not knowing the inherent existence of pressure and the function that it serves. Not knowing that it is most largely a mental pressure and that it can be observed rather than acted upon. This may very well be the mother of all ignorance as it is referred to in the Buddhist teachings as "the source of all suffering".

In addition to all the many suggestions that I have offered here at: "Son of Truth of Self" here is an additional suggestion you may like to consider.

"... Clarity allows you to communicate your intentions and goals to those that can help as well as the Universe. Activate feng shui to improve your clarity if you would like to communicate more clearly, avoid misunderstandings or create impressive results from your efforts.

To enhance clarity place a aqua blue object in the North. You can also check your entryway for clarity, using light and check the flow of Qi.

Your entryway should indicate that a successful person is inside. A shiny, gold nameplate and images/objects that represents happy people are useful in front of your house or in the entrance to your home. Water features work well too, as long as they are clean and moving. Incoming Qi can exit through a window directly across from the entrance, redirect the Qi by placing a plant in front of that window. ...":


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