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Osteoporosis And The Calcium Myth by Dr. Dale Jacobson DC

Date:   5/9/2014 12:12:28 AM ( 5 y ago)

Dr. Dale Jacobson DC teaches the traditional nourishing dietary principals that were discovered by Dr. Weston A. Price - the real nutritional foundation for building healthy bones. In this essay he reveals just how bone demineralization causes osteoporosis and what you can do to change that.

"... the average 65-year-old American woman has lost about 40 to 45% of the minerals from her skeleton, mainly calcium, and is more prone to
fractures than a person living in almost any other part of the world. ... the statistics are only slightly better for (American men). Indeed the U.S. (of A) has the highest incidence of osteoporosis than of any country!

First, what’s up with Calcium? ... When your blood tissues need more calcium for various activities such as neutralizing acidity from skim milk and red meat, they take it out of your 'bone storage'.

The highest concentration of calcium available to us in our diets comes in 'dulse', the purple deep-water seaweed ... The next-best sources are hulled sesame seeds and raw goat milk products. Good sources are raw, whole organic cow milk products, particularly butter, kefir, yogurt (remember, organic whole-milk yogurt has about 25% more calcium than the starter milk), raw cottage and hard cheeses, kelp, Irish moss, leafy green vegetables, and raw sauerkraut. A superb calcium “bone” broth is made from barley, dulse and green kale. 'Red meat' (meat without the fat), while having a high amount of calcium, is not a great calcium source, because its high acidity tends to leach a large amount of the meat’s usable calcium.

To avoid mineral and vitamin loss, always eat the meat fat, skin, and organ meats—such as liver and tripe—when you eat red meat, and don’t forget to cook up bone and joint broth. (Remember, 'gelatin' made from bone marrow and joints is 48% calcium).

About one-third of usable calcium is lost when it is cooked at over 150 degrees, which is one reason why the pasteurization of milk and the cooking of meat and sauerkraut make their calcium less 'bio-available' to your body. Gelatin broth made from bone marrow and the ends of bones, and cooked over low heat for a long time, is an excellent source of bio-available calcium, as well as being a lifesaving food for people whose bowel bacteria have been depleted through the use of antibiotics. Microvilli and enterocytes are regenerated by, and thus love bone broth as you remember.

Because people become too lazy, or brainwashed, or misled by silly people, to eat calcium in organic natural whole food which is the finest source of calcium available, they may begin to consider 'supplemental calcium.' This is usually in pill form, so people can pretend they are taking real 'medicine' that will fix up their disappearing bones. For your information, there is no dietary calcium deficiency anywhere in the United States (of America), even in the poorest sections of society. The scientific literature states clearly that no 'calcium deficiency disease' exists on this planet due to low calcium intake! Live with it. Calcium is in almost everything we eat. All food grown in dirt contains calcium, though calcium is certainly less abundant and available in 'imitation food'.

However, the drug companies and their minions remain in a feeding frenzy to sell 'synthetic calcium' mainly in the form of the drugs Evista and Fosamax, in order to capitalize upon what is currently an epidemic of osteoporosis (thin, weak bones) and bone fracture, mainly in the United States (of America) ...

Premature though early side note: Osteoporotic drugs such as Fosamax 'work' by stealing calcium from your soft tissues and adding it into the part of your bones (the 'bricks'), which are irrelevant to fracture prevention. At most, your bones gain 1-2% more mass, but not in the part of the bone relevant to fractures. As your 'soft tissues' such as muscles, ligaments, artery walls, etc. become 'robbed' of calcium by these drugs, they start to lose their elasticity, and their ability to contract. Thus, two early side effects of osteoporotic drugs, which are in fact symptoms of the 'hardening' of your connective tissue, are that your bowels get bad, and you have a hard time swallowing.

As crazy as it sounds, your bone density is not 'statistically related' to fractures. Read this last sentence again. You lazy bum, I have to do everything for you these days! Your bone density is not 'statistically related' to fractures. This is because calcium is merely the 'bricks of the building' of your bones. The matrix / scaffolding / beams of your bones, the 'frame of your skyscraper' is what is relevant to fractures. The
strength, and mainly 'elasticity' of the framework of your bones, is the key to fractures—not your bricks. 'Bricks' do not provide significant structural strength to the infrastructure of your building.

The matrix / frame of your bones has significant silicon, as in horse’s hooves and hair. (Bamboo is 40% silicon). A baby’s bones, like the bones
of many 'traditional whole nutrient-dense diet' societies who don’t eat 'bone-stiffening', decalcifying, demineralizing foods, have very low bone 'density' but great elasticity—and, thus, suffer from fewer fractures. (We have a friend whose 18-month-old baby daughter recently fell out of a two-story window onto dirt and did not break even a single teeny-tiny bone). I suspect many a 90-yr.-old on a traditional nutrient-dense-non -demineralizing diet, such as older Bantu women in Africa, could fall down and get up and walk away, whereas in this 'de-mineralizing imitation food' eating society, people seem to merely sneeze or fart sideways to break a rib, wrist, spine bone, or hip.

Consider, as I will repeat again shortly, that teenage girls in high school sports who drink lots of soda pop have five times the fracture rate of girls not on soda pop, and that many elementary schools have outlawed 'contact' sports in P.E. due to high fracture rates in the kids. I have no ancient memory of being in school and seeing a kid break a bone playing sports. ...

Osteoporotic drugs such as 'Fosamax' make a non-impressive 1-2% density improvement in the 'bricks of the bone' only, and leave the 'framework' of your bones just as weak as it was before taking the harmful drugs. Furthermore, drugs like Fosamax do not change the 'elasticity' of your bones in any significant way. (Remember, it is the loss of elasticity, not the loss of density, that allows bones to break).

If relevant, remind your doctor to remember the fact that there is NO statistical difference in bone fracture between people taking Fosamax and similar osteoporotic drugs, and people who take no such drugs. However, other than money down a rat-hole ... there are a heck of a lot more drug side effects in the connective tissues and body function of the folks taking the drugs. Since that leads to more people going to doctors and taking even more drugs, I guess that’s a good enough reason to prescribe them. Remember, the U.S. has 5% of the world’s population and takes 49% of all the world’s drugs. ...

'Osteoporosis' happens when minerals, particularly calcium, have been leached out of bone and bone becomes fragile and less elastic—similar to the weakening effect on a strong, dense, oak tree when it is eaten by termites and beetles. Lack of exercise, bad diet, and immobility of joints—as when a joint is in a cast—cause osteoporosis.

Your body will assimilate calcium to harden bone only if there is a demand for it. If you sit watching TV for hours, don’t exercise muscles, don’t get enough afternoon sunshine for your Vitamin D—which you need in order to assimilate calcium—and eat a low-nutrient-dense-demineralizing diet of imitation food, you have already chosen to be osteoporotic. Osteoporosis is responsible for 1.2 million fractures a year. In the U.S. 20% of hip fractures in the elderly are fatal, and over 50% of the fracture survivors never leave the nursing home. ...

At any rate, taking 'calcium pills' has never been shown to be relevant to increasing bone mass. Sorry. Indeed, the Cummings study in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 145 (1997) showed that 9,000 women with high calcium intake from pills had an increase in hip and vertebral fractures, and that women who took Tums had an increase in wrist and upper-arm bone fractures.

The 'civilized disease' of osteoporotic bone fractures is virtually unknown in traditional societies that eat low amounts of red meats, and do not use imitation / refined 'industrial' foods such as soda pop, refined sugars, and refined grain. One study of 460 young active girls showed that the ones who drank colas frequently were five times more likely to suffer fractures than girls of equal activity who avoided soft drinks. The high phosphorus and high acidity in the soft drinks pulled essential calcium out of the girls’ bones, making those bones less elastic and more fragile. When you put acid in your eyes, your eyes must 'cry' to neutralize the acid. When you put high-acid, high-phosphorus soda pop and similar 'food-like products' into your body, your bones 'cry out' (an) 'alkaline' calcium to neutralize the acid and high phosphorous. Most refined foods—such as processed and increasingly 'GMOed' grains, refined sugars, low-fat and skim milk, soda pops, lean red meats without the necessary fat to break down the high-protein acids, etc.—create demineralization of your bones. This is because alkaline calcium must be leached out of them to neutralize the high acidity of these 'wacky foods', particularly soda pop and 'industrial protein' such as pasteurized low-fat milk.

Much of our osteoporosis is related to not eating enough saturated fat while eating too much protein. Fatty acids are essential for the proper breakdown and utilization of protein in the body. The amino acid 'acidity' of protein leaches the 'alkaline' calcium from your bones and joints in order to neutralize it. The societies with the healthiest bones have less than half our protein intake, and eat much more saturated animal fat. (But not trans fats or processed hydrogenated vegetable
oils, ...) They do not eat skim milk (milk with the fat / cream removed), or red meat without the organ meats, or chicken or fish without their skin and organs. Thus, these 'healthy bone people' receive the fatty acids essential for metabolizing the protein, thus are more able to avoid bone demineralization. These 'simple' people ... would think it crazy to eat the protein of an egg white without eating the fat of the yolk to digest it, or to milk a cow then cook the milk and throw away the cream, leaving only the lifeless 'high-protein, high-acid' skim milk.

Due to commercial corporate pressures -particularly from Monsanto—our society has lost its 'traditional' roots of eating calcium-dense and 'calcium-and-bone-sparing' foods, and is now afraid of saturated animal fats, which along with good breast milk (which is 60% fat) are about the most healthful foods on the planet, led by organic liver and cod liver oil.

Also, for what it’s worth, there is no accepted scientific study showing that vegetarians, and especially vegans, have stronger bones than meat eaters. Sorry. Due to industrial hype this society is quite terrified of not getting enough protein. (Keep in mind that breast milk is only 5% protein and 50-60% fat). Thus, many nervous people take protein powders and supplements, particularly 'soy-based'. These 'non-whole', incomplete proteins in the absence of good fatty acids, actually create leaching of calcium from your bone mass while blocking mineral absorption.

If you are too lazy to go out and obtain certified, pastured, organic, raw, whole, unprocessed milk products, and instead drink pasteurized, homogenized, skim, and low-fat or soymilk for protein, you are actually leaching your skeleton along with creating arterial plaque, so you can have a heart attack or stroke after you fall down and break your arm. As you will see, it is quite safe to say that you do not need a calcium supplement even if you are demineralizing yourself by eating refined foods and protein without fat. If you feel you need help—because you eat junk food and refuse to eat nutrient-dense 'calcium-sparing' foods—you can consider the placebo effect of popping some 'calcium citrate' pills, which appear to be the most bio-available of all calcium supplements. However, in the real world of 'actual calcium assimilation' you are basically just 'poppin and prayin'. Avoid dolomite (limestone), and calcium carbonate (blackboard chalk), because they just pass on through your gut, and are hard on your kidneys.

To stay calcium-healthy, avoid processed high-protein, low-fat foods, refined / processed grains, and soda pop. Eat lots of good animal fats, whole-organic milk products, bone / joint broths, Celtic 'unprocessed' sea salt, and hearty cod liver oil."[1]

February 10th, 2016 -

"The Facts About Pasteurization and Homogenization of Dairy Products"[2]

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"Microphotography of Raw and Processed Milk" - Now you can see the contrast between the "two milks".

August 4, 2017 - Consider Chinese Herbal Medicine:

"... the active ingredient in Dan Shen, called tanshinone, stimulates osteogenesis, or new-bone formation, which is particularly important for post-menopausal women looking to prevent osteoporosis.[5]

Pleasant words are a honeycomb sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. - Proverbs 16:24

August 9, 2017 -

"The reason people develop osteoporosis is because they’re so completely and thoroughly depleted of vitamin C not only throughout their bodies, but especially inside their bones."[6]









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