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juicing again

Date:   5/4/2014 2:17:59 AM ( 7 y ago)

Im on day seven of my juice fast, I am not committing to 30 days but I would really like to see it all the way. I will be happy with 15 days so Ill get to there and see how I feel. Everything is going along great not at all hungry the only bummer is I have had a cold this week, not from detox just something that is going around. But feeling better now so looking forward to another week of juice. Starting at the gym tomorrow its been a long long time so that will be interesting. Not going to give myself a hard time just ease into it. this fast is part of an 8 week overhall to clean my act up AGAIN!! Same old same old I have about 10 kg or 20 pounds to lose to get to my good size so far weight loss is around 2kg or 8 pound. Next week will probably see slower weight loss but hopefully by end of the week I should see a difference in my size. I know exactly what I do to gain the weight I tend to binge for about three months after Christmas, pretty silly really! But that is me and I know I need to work on it. anyway looking forward to the simplicity of living on juice and no complications in my life...that is what I usually feel on a is such a lovely feeling. this is my seventh 30 day fast (if I make it all the way) and I have got to say the reaction is so different now to what it was seven years ago. Back then people would be shocked when I told them what I was doing most thought I was starving myself, stupid, irrational blah blah blah...well the reaction this time is different, faint interest, a few questions and then not much else really..not near as negative as it use to be..maybe that's because I can explain I have been doing this for eight years or maybe its just become more acceptable! either way I am happy to enjoy the experience and greatful for any encouragement! this last year I have done a 10 day fast and probably about 2 or 3, 3 day ones...I still love the experience and know it will be with me for the rest of my life! now time to go make a juice and just chill!!


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