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"Blood Pressure and Lipid Guidelines for the Elderly? Useless."

Date:   4/25/2014 5:37:24 AM ( 5 y ago)

"At age 70 – or 60, 50 or even 40 – should you have the same blood pressure that you had at age 20?

Many conventional doctors and most of the Powers-That-Be feel that the answer to that question is 'yes'. Conventional medicine loves to issue guidelines. They have issued guidelines concerning weight, lipid and blood sugar levels and blood pressure. New guidelines inevitably result in millions of new patients requiring millions of new prescriptions. Big Pharma loves new guidelines.":

My beloved father had continued on his prescription (for what I had informed him early on was "rat poison") and at first (in 2008) he said he'd be weaning himself off of it. Well, I don't know what happened with that thought because he continued taking that s*** and I can't help but to think that it was a factor in his final decision to not continue living. There were also emotional factors that went along with his final decision however I believe that even those factors had become much more difficult for him to bare to a considerable measure due to the physiological side-effects from that prescription (damit)!

I had looked at the published side-effects a number of times and many of the symptoms that my father was challenged by were listed among those side effects! I accepted that it was his choice to leave. I could understand that decision when pain, suffering, etc. is more than one wants. I understand all of that and in light of that situation. I don't understand how anyone would continue taking a substance that they themselves say is a poison! However, I know my father had his reasons and that there was some kind of a "benefit" involved with his choice to continuing taking the prescription (although I do not know all the details of his thinking on that).

Trying to sort out causes for symptoms can be challenging, however there are certain things that are clear (to many of us who have gotten into this "sorting" process). One thing for certain is that all "Pharma" prescription have their side effects! Consequently there are risks involved with taking may of these products even when they are prescribed by your doctor!

There are a number of factors that can make it difficult for some people to fully realize the implications of the risks in taking prescription drugs. On the top of my list are the impediments one may have for objectivity and lucidity regarding acknowledging the risks. Possibly the number one impediment here concerns how extensively people believe that their doctor is an expert on health (in general) and most especially regarding the individual's health in particular! If an individual thinks their doctor knows more about health than they do (including the innate wisdom of their body) then it is no wonder that people automatically accept the doctor's prescription without a moment's pause!

This "automatic acceptance" is symptomatic of a psychological dependency on doctors and "Pharma" as if that is what true medicine consists of! "Psychological dependency" is stating it mildly. The more I consider the this issue the more pathology I see (which I'll being to point out in an update here below).

However, I realize that all of this will change. I am certain that I will see the day when many will recognize that it has obviously changed!
I choose to be grateful right now in anticipation of that day!

I'd like to think that most doctors came into medical school with "gold" in their hearts regarding their aspirations and intentions for becoming a doctor. However, after one crosses the threshold to become a medical student "pharma" works its way into the medical course tilting it in their direction. By the time the student graduates their thinking on "medicine" is transformed.

Simultaneously this infiltration of big pharma has established its interests in every hospital system. Consequently what once were "our doctors" have been compelled to homogenize themselves into a doctatorship and (if employed by a medical institution) and into "hospital policy" (as you'll see in the following article linked below)!

The people willingly follow the dictates of the doctor! These people apparently believe that the dictates are "real medicine" being administered by "real doctors"! Yet all along there is a system operating
through the doctor that compels the doctor's compliance. "Doctor's orders" are by and large the system's orders. The system has a standing that far exceeds that of any individual doctor. The legal system in turn has enforcement that can be invoked by the medical institution. The nexus between the systems form a matrix that is being advocated on a global level.

There is a tremendous need for transparency regarding this matrix system as it dictates it's policies through doctors, hospitals, health care systems and even nations and all under TDCFU: Threat, Duress, Coercion, Fraud and Usurpation.

Now that I have recently lost my beloved sister and my beloved father I am now realizing the insidious systemic insanity of it all!

I am so grateful that there are a few individuals (including some doctors) with their character intact and strong enough to "lift the veil" on this madness! I honestly don't know what real medicine (if any) may still remain in the MDs medicine bag.

Again I affirm that all of this is going to change! It will change as the threshold is reached by the accumulation of changes that are made on an individual basis. Also genetic evolution will support this change (as indicated through the Great Change with the 55th Gene Key).

The collective and the tribal look to the individual for the change, We have the freedom as individuals to transform ourselves and this process of personal transformation on an individual basis is largely how we will see real change manifested in the world! The individual transformation process begins in our psyche. Our health is the expression of our wholeness that is rooted deep within the psyche. "Psyche & health" is an indivisible unity that is built into our individual Human Design.

My own personal transformation is fully supported by "real doctors".:
Hippocrates is my "doctor" with: "Let food be thy
medicine and medicine be thy food"!:

Jesus is my doctor with the medicine of love, the medicine of forgiveness.

The Buddha is my doctor with the medicine of mindfulness, compassion and wisdom.

Hermes is my doctor with the medicine of alchemy and transformation.

And Weston A. Price is my doctor with real nutrition that is all based on real foods; especially including healthy animal products where the animals have been fed their proper diets and live a natural life close to nature.

Where have all the real doctors gone?
(I'll respond to this question below.)

Sunday, April 27th 6:40 PM PST -

Continuing with the core theme that I am presenting here with the following article link that I just received from Jon Barron who says:

"I realized that Hippocrates was onto something when he said, 'First do no harm.' And a career in medicine was not conducive to its practice.":

Possibly the last word here regarding the passing of my father.:
"If there is a state of the art of end-of-life care, it is this: death with dignity." (Quoted from the above linked article.)

"Death with dignity" was most certainly my father's choice and I am grateful he crossed the threshold with such dignity! This noble example of the "state of the art" in last wishes stands as a noble example that others may consider. Possibly the only barrier to considering this may be the fear of death itself. It is my intention to address this (and the other fears) as well.

Last but not least.:
Would you like to know where "the real doctors" have gone? The real "doctors" are within us, right where they always have been. They are also in nature and once again it is by knowing the "great within" that we can harmonize with nature because nature is both in us and is us! This is the message of one more "real doctor": Bernard Jensen. See: "The Unfoldment of The Great Within" by Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. (The book is dedicated to his "mentor and teacher, Dr. V.G. Rocine". ) This book offers some "crown jewels" regarding nutrient-dense foods that Dr. Jensen introduces in Lesson 8 as "Food for the Brain and Nerves".

Some of these foods are:
"Fish eggs,
Cod roe,
Salmon eggs,
Oyster broth,
Fish Broths,
Veal joint broth,
Steamed smelt,
White fish,
Raw goat milk,
Goat cream,
Goat butter,
Egg yolk, fertile - from chickens that live on the ground.
The brain requires animal phosphorus ..."

One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.
- William Osler

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