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Date:   4/24/2014 2:53:02 PM ( 9 y ago)

Hello Everyone -

I am excited to introduce you to my new blog that will focus on the uplifting, positive and joyful ways to care for your mind, body and soul.

First up - a great bunch of general links and notes from my good friend Les to start you on your way to Happy Health!

En-JOY (without soy)!

HJ :)


Hello All –

This information was sent to me by good friend Les, who says, “With anyone who'll listen to me about nutrition, I try to impress these three simple essentials”:

• A good, liquid mineral supplement that includes trace minerals –

Our bodies can create certain vitamins. But the best diet on the planet cannot get the minerals we NEED because our soils are so depleted; hence the need to supplement.

• A daily probiotic with a combination of healthy bacteria that includes bifidus –

There's a war in our intestines between the good and back bacteria. Especially with our modern diets, the bad bacteria usually wins. Some doctors claim as much as 90% of illnesses, including cancer, originate in an unhealthy intestinal tract.

• A fiber supplement -

To keep things moving smoothly, you need a good fiber supplement. I had a great product, but it appears to have been discontinued. Typical, well-known supplements, like Metamucil, are rather useless.

Further, we need to keep the PH balance in our bodies on the alkaline side. Cancer requires an acidic environment to grow. So get as non-acidic as you can. Eat lots of vegetables and salads, and not much of our favorite foods. Pau d'Arco is supposed to help a bit. [Google him!]

Enzyme supplementing helps digestion, especially since we're not eating enough raw foods. High temperature cooking kills natural enzymes in our food. One recommendation is "Now Plant Enzymes."

And if one really wants to get into health, start with an intestinal cleanse. [Google that, too.]

For quite some time, I've been intending to send something like this to my friends, but haven't gotten around to it yet. This might be the good start.”


It is indeed a good start, Les. Thank you!

HJ :)


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