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A warning against fad diets especially the low-fat belief system as well as the rest of the industrialized food system.

Date:   4/20/2014 10:55:13 PM ( 5 y ago)

Dr. Weston A. Price made most remarkable discoveries and contributions to real nutrition science (as opposed to the hype and hysteria prevalent among advocators of fad diets and nutritional products). The findings of Dr. Price were drawn directly from his direct contact and study of a number of different isolated cultures around the world. In addition he dedicated himself top years of painstaking lab work that continues to inspire researchers today! One of the greatest discoveries and contributions made by Weston A. Price was regarding the essential requirements for a level of health (that is virtually unknown among Western industrialized people) of the right kind of dietary fats along with their fat-soluble vitamin activators.:

However, The industrialized food industry is based upon products that can be mass produced cheaply and that have extended shelf-life so that the profit margins can be maximized. This is food-processing for maximum profits versus food for maximizing the health and well-being of people. Consequently fat-soluble activators (especially those found in healthy animal fat) do not fit into the profit-maximization way of industrial processed foods.

You may have heard it is said that "the best defense is a strong offense". To justify the virtual elimination of fat-soluble activators the interested parties started a "war' (around the 50s) against fat. This war against fat can be considered to have been rather successful because Americans (and other people in Western world) changed their diets accordingly which was the whole idea for that "war" mission. A whole new belief system got implanted into the collective psyche! We still see that system continuing today even though the original theory that essentially criminalized fats has been repeatedly destroyed by real science! There is not one shred of any real science that supports the theory that fat from healthy animals causes disease.

Now we are seeing increased and extensive casualties of the industrialized food war under the banner of "low fat" diets. The statistics are profoundly amazing. They correspond with the findings of Weston Price who observed the stark contrasts of the people who did not continue following the traditional dietary wisdom of their cultures. The "last word" on this is that when these people who suffered the lose of their health returned to their traditional diets they regained their health once again!

The following is a comment made at the Weston A. Price Foundation's site regarding "so called Paleo Diet".

"... the lack of sufficient fat and carbs in a so called Paleo diet espoused by Cordain, Wolf and others ... These are basically crypto low-carbers ... (with) dangers of ketogenic and VLC diets. In fact, those who implement these diets end up doing VLC or ketosis... This so called Paleo diet usually ends up hurting one's metabolism ... usually become (i) hypothyroid (the low T3 euthyroid state); (2) immune deficient or stricken with autoimmune diseases; (3) constipated with gut dysbiosis, since they don't consume any starches; and (4) end up with hormone dysregulation. Such a diet usually backfires in about a year but the effect is invidious and latent, since immune dysfunction and autoimmune pathogenesis start stealthily, while these guys are overjoyed that they're losing weight and have amazing blood sugar numbers. I've seen these ... ending up with serious autoimmune diseases like lupus and MS due exactly to the VLC diet.":


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