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The journey so far...

Date:   4/13/2014 3:58:21 AM ( 5 y ago)

Christmas 2013 I weighed 16st 8lb (235lb). I am now 204lb and have found that fasting for as long as I can (usually 5 days max) followed by 2-3 days eating healthily then back to fasting works for me.

Stats then and now:

Hips: 51 ins now 46.5 ins
Waist: 45 ins now 40 ins
Under breast: 44 ins now 39 ins
Across chest:51ins now 45 ins
Above chest: 44 ins now 39 ins

Weight 12/13: 235lb
Weight 04/14: 204lb

Target 1: reach 188lbs (into overweight BMI range and out of obesity)
Target 2: reach 173 lbs (my pre "fat" weight)
Target 3: reach 154lbs (my healthy size 12-14 weight)
Target 4: reach 146lbs (my previous skinny weight)


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