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day 6

Date:   1/9/2014 3:51:13 PM ( 8 y ago)

I usually don't like to post every day but hey, who knows; BUT I did think this part of the fast was noteworthy ----DAY6

So I must say I actually started my fast 3 days earlier, at a meal, & then immediately followed with a salt water flush to get everything out of my system (unfortunately I haven't mastered the "cycle" cravings yet. but I'm working on it).

For the most part my insides are at about day 9…. (again a salt water flush can speed things up with empty insides.) Yesterday I noticed a nauseous feeling once or twice but figured it was just due to all the activities I had done at that point. Well I have yet to do my workout today and was feeling nauseous through most of the day….. well, as your body begins to clean itself out, all the extra guk in your intestines slowly starts to jumble up and begin to work its was out…. & it did. twice. & subsequently I am back to feeling normal!

I have yet to come across a way to get rid of the nausea but I just end up drinking another water bottle and forget about it. A good tip is to try and massage your stomach and loosen up all that junk…..(who really knows how much that helps?)


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