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Date:   1/2/2014 12:16:15 PM ( 8 y ago)

On day one I usually like to do one last salt water flush, but as I am on my cycle this is a big NO-NO*…. as I should have mentioned before. ( You have a high risk of retaining the water ) So I will wait and probably attempt half of the 1quart/2tbsp salt water until later on. (I shouldn't need as much since my body will have started using ketones instead of glucose for fuel.)

Unfortunately that may make avoiding cravings much harder. So far today I have been very occupied, cleaning & re-organizing after the holiday, which has kept my mind off of food.

Another thing should have mentioned as well was vitamins & tips. Because I am 80% vegan/vegetarian, I have become anemic, & with many sports injuries I know, from past fasts that I will be in PAIN. If you have the luxury of sleeping/lying in bed all day, DONT supplement. However I have come to know that throughout the fast I need my iron supplements, & an electrolyte water to keep my body going, along with the occasional baby aspirin for the pain.


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