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Date:   1/2/2014 12:00:09 PM ( 8 y ago)

The best means of preparation of a fastů.is to fast. If the body has never undergone a fast before it is suggested to start with 1 day, 3 days, & a week so that you, and your body have time to adapt to the idea, & know (an idea) of what to expect. Another significant attribute is to cut calories day by day, and stick to fruits & veggies (cutting out bad carbs & sugar). Ultimately this will allow the first 3 days to be easier.

I like to start with a salt water flush, which prior to this fast I have completed 3 times in combination with calorie cutting & green drinks. The salt water flush is the safest "laxative," and the most effective. Mixing 2tbsp of non iodized sea salt with warm purified water (the warmer the better). For best & fast results it should be drank as warm & fast as possible, on an empty stomach. Most websites & blogs recommend chugging & drinking within 10 minutes. (I started at 1 hour, & are around 20min. with much experience) The salt water will ultimately "flush" everything from your throat to your behind, & should be done until the liquid is clear. Because I eat fairly clean & do the flush often I can do one the day before. If its a first time its recommended to to one a day for a week.

& with that I am prepared to start my fast with the beginning of the New Year


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