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Garden musings.

Date:   11/29/2013 4:03:02 AM ( 8 y ago)

Each of us live in our own individual garden. Each garden is most unique. There are no two gardens that are exactly the same. In fact there is a wide spectrum of variations and varieties of gardens!

There also is an enormity within each garden. Often the enormity may not appear so obvious. There are hidden gardens, lost gardens as well as enchanted gardens, all of which may contain unknown elements not visible to the naked eye.

With the enormity of garden terrains it can take some time to see, let alone appreciate, all of the garden. Therefor, before entering a garden you'll need to be willing to be patient. You may need even to wait to be invited into a garden. many gardens are most private and filled with secrets. You may not even get invited into one of these gardens. Don't take it personally.

You may be able to ask if you may enter a garden. Many gardeners and garden keepers will appreciate your inquiry, as long as it is sincere and respectful.

There is much to be considerate of with any garden. That is because they are so full of life! It is universally recognized that the small is beautiful in the garden.

There is always more than what first meets the eye when you come to the gate of a garden.

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