Day 29 by ausjulie2 .....

couple of days to go!!

Date:   7/1/2013 12:23:22 AM ( 8 y ago)

well today and tomorrow to juice and then its back to the land of eating! in some ways looking fwd to it, fruit never tastes so good and cucumber and tomatoe and advocado and carrot ohhh yummmo...but i do feel like this has been pretty easy, and gone quick so i think i could go longer. but i always say that at this stage of a fast. i have many plans in the next month and i am looking fwd to eating with friends and not this time!! yesterday wasnt a great day and mostly because i worked long hours and late hours and didnt have enough juice, so by the time i got home i was hungry and not feeling so great. it took a long time to get to sleep which was frustrating because i was soo i am going to up the mc lemonade for calories and see if that helps. i am still tired and flat today..but i know its because of the lack of juice. bm's are still my hardest part i hate laxative anything but i just dont go without it. so only a few more days of putting up with that for goodness sake. i am proud of myself i finished my end of semester exam on friday and really felt like celebrating, a few fellow students went to the pub for a drink but i did not i celebrated by buying a pineapple!!! expensive at this time of the year but it did make a nice drink to celebrate with. i also went out on saturday night for a few hours again to celebrate and stuck to water with lemon, so i am happy i didnt quit even though it would have been 26 days...which is still a great effort...but i would have really regreted getting that far and not going the whole 30 days!! so only a few more days and i will have done it again!! makes me wonder what else i can do if i put my mind and determination to it!!!....may-be that marathon should be back on the list???


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