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I'm bulging out of a size 18 jeans, my face is oily and breaks out, I get tired quickly, I eat in ways I don't really want often to appease people.

Date:   6/25/2013 10:46:43 PM ( 10 y ago)

Hope to see at least all 4 things above improve, and more.

Don't have a scale, haven't decided if I should weigh myself. I know I am mostly fat and little muscle, and I want things to be the other way around a year or two from now. So, I don't know if numbers on a scale will matter as much as how I look and feel.

It's also a psychological or "spiritual" if you want to call it journey. There are going to be people in my life I am going to have to stand up too and push through with my goals and stop doing what they want to appease. So, I know I will grow from this. I will need to find and surround myself with new like minded folks.

I also want to learn to meditate, maybe yoga or some exercise.

Going to fast at least a week (maybe more) then do low fat raw vegan. Once I am eating start yoga or jogging to build muscle.

My water fast is about to start in a few minutes, it's almost midnight!


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