Day 5 - A Quick Hello by exposure .....

Little bit about making Shrubs, Drinking Vinegar, Goat's Milk and my current fast and health discoveries.

Date:   4/23/2013 9:10:33 PM ( 10 y ago)

Nearly mid-day, day 5 of the 2nd leg of my April fast... Feeling good, beautiful day, zero cravings or interest in food which is awesome, just drinking my teas and soda water - on that note, during the 1st leg of this April Fast, I started sort of tasting bottles of vinegar I had in the cupboard and having this awesome intense experience with that - I cd only take a little little sip, the flavor was amazing - complex and intense, and a couple tiny sips left a warm buzzing feeling of wellbeing in my tum.
I recalled all the great things I'd read about drinking vinegar in the past and must have searched it on google - then in the course of doing this I came across some fruit based drinking vinegars and this in turn led me to the discovery of "shrubs" which are fruit and herb based vinegar cordials you can easily make at home... I thought this sounded great, a great thing to drink in place of sugary cordials which I do add to my soda water --- (note to readers... I have a Berkey Water Filter complete with Flouride Filter units, so the best quality water IMHO, and a sodastream... so very cheap to make my own high quality soda water every day - recommend it!)

Well I set out with enthusiasm during that week or so I was eating again to make some shrubs, into the store I went.. buying up what looked like the best autumn fruit before the winter came and all that disappeared... Peaches, Plums, Watermelon - and made 6 batches of shrubs... Had to chop up the fruit and macerate it with herbs and some kind of sweetener... to cut out & cut down on the refined sugars I'm used to in my cordials I used a mixture of things I had in the house.. coconut sugar from an Indonesian shop, some Apple Concentrate, some Stevia (fresh leaves from a plant I have growing in the yard), some Lemon Honey, and a few more exotic things I got in a Lebanese Shop - Date Molasses & Pomegranate Molasses... had to mix different vinegars into this and let all the batches sit for a week - then strain, bottle and sit for another week... the result - a very healthy, refreshing lot of cordials with the vinegar in and mellowed - delicious and an awesome way to get me drinking a bit more of the stuff and chucking the sugar syrups.

I started drinking some already even though they're not quite to the week in the bottle yet.. still great, they are supposed to get better with time as they age in the bottle, the flavors mellowing and the vinegar getting less sharp... What an awesome fasting drink - or just anytime... Vinegar is great for helping to dissolve all those unwanted pounds, and its also energizing and therapeutic for pain in the body which I do suffer from... not when I really practice my yoga every day but yeah... when I get overworked and run down for sure.. It's great to have things like this to keep the fasting interesting - these drinks really give a strong feeling of wellbeing in the gut, so I'm chuffed with the discovery... Something I will be making more of in the future for sure.

The other thing I've discovered is Goats Milk - ran out of milk and cream in the fridge the other day and couldn't be bothered going out to the shops - I remembered in my big garage overhaul coming across a jar of powdered organic goats milk, so I went and dug that out and remarkably it was still in fine condition although abt 5 years old - have been using this in place of milk or cream ever since (I do a pure liquid fast, sometimes juicing but generally not - most often subsisting on tea, with and without milk - water - soda water with or without some cordial of flavor, the occasional coffee or cocoa (1-2 per day max) and that's my style of fasting for the most part... a few slugs of pickle juice if I'm feeling I need it - the most awesome fasting drink and the most rejuvenating replacement of minerals and electrolytes - totally awesome - again occasionally I have a young coconut juice - also awesome) I find this kind of fast easy to follow - for me, I can't live without a little dairy in my life.. I love it, don't drink much over a day, just a little bit in some of my teas etc... such a comfort, soothing thing.. I suppose one can class it as a type of food, but I can tell you - doing a liquid fast like this has the same results as any fast without it - the detox, white tongue, emptying out of the intestinal tract, clarity of mind, etc, etc - rapid weight loss - transformation of self and rejuvenation, boost of immune system and I can report here - I've never caught any cold or illness while fasting!
Where was I.. Goats milk yeah... So got on google, recalling it was better for me and read up again and have decided to chuck the cow stuff from here on out and make goat milk my new staple where dairy is concerned... MUCH better for you, and I can feel the subtle difference - it's the one for me.. I keep heading in this direction, refining what my body does really want and thrive on.. & I'm really wanting to move more and more into the sorts of things in my diet that I'm finding nourish my health
Simple wholefoods... brown rice, mung beans, any greens really and lots of those are a good thing.. probably going a bit more veg though not a vegetarian... more of an 80-20 sort of mix there though... the goats milk and the shrubs are great - made Kefir in the past which is also a great thing, probably should do it again - the problem was making more than I wanted to drink before - it is awesome though... made kombucha tea as well in the past, still have a massive jar of it on my counter which I'd need to get a new batch going from - it was good too, think I'm probably more into the shrubs though with that one... mmm goat's milk kefir, now that would be awesome...
I think I'm going to drink some of my shrubs now, do some meditation and yoga and say Om Swastiastu for the day
Will keep ya posted on how the fast is going
All the Best to the folks out there taking their health into their own hands!


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