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vomit, abdomen pain, weak and fatigue

Date:   4/23/2013 9:30:20 AM ( 10 y ago)

Down another 2 lb now, lowest weight 134.2 in 5 years. it was tough night,throw up with yellow liquid as I did on day 3 but accompanying with some debris. thirty but decided to sip water through out the day instead. I was surprised to see how much water it came out when I throw up, as if the water I drank yesterday was sitting in my stomach didn't go down.feel my left side of abdomen is working/contracting, dull pain/uncomfortable have to lay flat or on my right through out most night, then it stopped all the sudden, finally was able to sleep for few hours.

Woke up with clear mind and vision but weak, slow motion in doing everything, arthritis fingers and knee are swelling but wasn't too bad to bear, eczema still no sign of improvement yet.

per Dr. Fuhrman "Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis also respond favorably to combination of fasting and dietary intervention. In one medical study, eight out of ten patients noted improvement in their psoriasis after a short fast (7-10 days)My experience has shown that most patient's psoriatic lesions improve if they fast long enough. Substantial results often require a long fast (14-30 days)maintenance of a thin body , and a careful diet after the fast is completed. I frequently note that when people with psoriasis and eczema fast, the results of their liver-function tests routinely elevate early and then normalize as the fast is taken to completion. without the normalization of the liver from the detoxifying effect of a more prolonged fast (3-5 weeks) reappearance of skin lesions may occur upon reintroduction of food. invariably when the psoriasis sufferer overeats and puts on too much fat after fasting, the problem once again emerges."

Wow, looks like have to do a prolong fast to get rid of my eczema, it make sense since I know my liver is not functioning too good, eye white is cream color, scars never go away, liver spots on my face. Sounds like a long battle to heal. can't image to do another 25 days fast, already in slow motion I might lay in bed all day after day 20. Hope I am able to push through. I have to go to the library and Costco today, hope I am not making myself too fatigue. All I want to do is to lay down sleep, read books or watch TV, walk a little enjoy the season, fast center sounds very good to me now.

After library, felt too weak to go to Costco, went to the store close to the house instead, got my shopping done, my 4 years old boy fall asleep in the van. he is heavy to carry home. I am exhausted. Is my rest fasting going to be like this? I was tired but glad I attend a lesson tonight. My left side right under the rib cage is having pain, could it be my liver? anyway, came home feeling ok, getting ready to laydown for the night. Hope I will get more strength soon.


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