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Starting a Autumn Fast

Date:   3/30/2013 10:25:48 PM ( 10 y ago)

Easter Sunday - Day 1 of my fast..

I wound back food for the two days prior, eating only two small bowls of brown rice & veg each day and a bit of popcorn
as well on the 2nd day

it's abt 2pm now, have had a lot of rest today and yesterday which feels good, did a little bit of Tai Chi yesterday morning, its all slowly restoring me after that 2 month work spree

Feeling easy today, easily slipping into the fast after a couple days of simple diet. I don't feel hungry or crave anything, just drinking tea, herbal tea that an amazing Qi Gong master gave me the other day at an acupuncture session.
I've had a fair bit of pain in the body over this spell of too much on, not enough downtime - swore to myself not to live this way - it's been relatively brief & have accomplished something great, it does do a number on you though to live without balance... back to it now :) Feels good, long overdue

I actually feel good enough after the rest and the treatments and a couple days on a regenerative kitchari sort of diet to go and start up some Yoga again
think I'll have a go at a gentle afternoon session on completion of this blog

The season's changing here, getting colder - into Melbourne autumn, rainy days interspersed in between the beautiful sunny ones... starting to need to hide under the blankets again when we make love brrr... oh how I wish summer didn't have to end :)

heading to Bali mid may for about 5 weeks of tropical bliss tho, can't really complain

it should be pretty nice till then...

well... looking forward to this little autumn fast... already feeling much more relaxed and restored than I did 2 days ago when I posted the first pre-fast entry

I can feel the subtle shifts going on that I recognize as the beginnings of this journey.. turning inward, resting, my mind slowing down, feeling of relaxation coming on, contemplation

time for lots of baths, yoga, keeping warm, some reading in bed, long walks in the forest...

& been thinking about that subject from last post - how to change my lifestyle... integrate all of this more..
it crossed my mind eating the brown rice for a few days how much better I feel when I eat these simple aruvedic foods, kitchari, mung beans and rice - and how this can become more of the staple food in my life... I can still do intermittent fasting, eat all sorts of beautiful dishes from round the globe that I love making and enjoying with friends - just do it less. Have a kind of 80-20% rule and just simplify...
I'll think of a way to do some KPI's on all this to monitor how I'm going with it lol - it's good to have a way to check yr progress.. some kind of system that keeps me mindful of this trend and helps me incorporate it when I do go back to eating after this fast
my life's generally so many waves of things, never routine from month to month due to my travels, varied works and the pace of things/change/etc.. so finding a way to set this in really deep is becoming very important to me

All for now - going to do a little yoga and stretch out all these built up tangles

All the best to everyone reading!


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