Fear & worry by kerminator .....

What you spend your time thinking and doing in this life is what you will end up getting!

Date:   1/16/2013 10:34:53 AM ( 8 y ago)

First you should know that fear and worry are of the Devil...

I see that you now have some reference for God in your life!

" What you consider in life is what you get!" People who tend to think of them selves as poor, or ugly, or not liked etc... will most likely be in that condition! This is the work of not being sensitive to God in your life!

How you may ask can this be possible?

Well because unless you separate yourself unto God that was the result!

Look at how many Godly people have lived and not gone through so much of the grief in this world! They became sensitive only to God in their lives... They came to allow only knowledge that built up and edified others be in their mind. This worked a thousand times better for them because they had their minds were stayed upon God... They did not fill their thoughts with most of the junk of the world!

We have to start spending quality and quantity time with God; thus being separated unto Him! I dare you to spend a week shut off from the world , alone with God's Word and not see results in your life!


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