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juice fast

Date:   9/25/2012 12:38:29 AM ( 9 y ago)

Still going ok some days are better than others, yesterday i ran and for the first time i had energy and was not really sore. i cannot wait to get to 30 days. the weight is coming off but very very slow, the scales have only moved a couple of pounds in 9 days. this is hard to cope with but experience has told me that this happens. my pants that i go by now fit me fine, my aim was to get to the point that they are too big. not sure if that is going to happen in this fast so again looks like i have more work to do after the fast. still need to look at why i continue on this roller coaster ride. same old issues really - i just overindulge! i think this fast i have been hungrier than any other, i am sick of juice and really looking forward to eating fruit and veggies. but a week to go is not too long - hopefully it will go quick. usually i enjoy a fast so much but this one is not really enjoyable just something i want to achieve. however i am sleeping so wonderfully - that alone is worth it!


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