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Date:   9/20/2012 1:38:50 AM ( 9 y ago)

well it is very strange for me posting so far into a fast. this is the first time i have done one without blogging everyday, the main reason i started to post is i really like looking back on how i was feeling and when i did previous fasts. it helps. and since i plan doing a 30 day fast every year it is a good record!
yep so i am 18 days in and feeling pretty good. i will say as usuall i am a bit bored with the fast. i really miss eating but i also love the light feeling you get with fasting. i am not sure what i weighed before i started i just know i was overweight. the last four months i have not being very good with consumption and really lazy so my wieght was back up to a uncomfortable level. by that i mean pants not fitting, feeling very bloated, very large stomach getting in the way when i would bend over or sit down, my face started to get very puffy and i felt very self conscious of myself. i have probably dropped two sizes since starting and guessing i have another 15pounds to go. i weigh 141 pounds but most of that is pure blubber. i have started to exercise again with the goal of running 3-4 times a week back on the plan.
I am cheating a little bit this time, a local fruit and veg shop freshly squeezes orange juice daily so i have been buying a litre of that every day. cheating because i would never ever drink juice that is not freshly squeezed eithier in front of me or i did it myself. this juice is squeezed in the morning - i dont see it being done and i usually pick it up at lunch time. not ideal i know. but my juicer is playing up and this works for the time being. hopefully a part i have ordered will turn up and fix the problem. i am proably drinking too much mineral water too but its getting me thru - that and lemon juice and agave nectar is my new fav drink - occasionally i put ginger in to make a ginger ale type drink - yummy. i am tyring to drink lots of flat water and herbal lax tea at nite which is keeping the daily bm's going.
I am definatley going to make it to 30 days with the hope of going further - i always say this and to date have not being successfull at doing it. so first thing first get to 30 and go from there!!!


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