Day 4 of Juice Fast by Greenstar .....

Mother and daughter journey into juice fasting and living foods. Background story with weight and health issues as well as first 4 days of juice fasting.

Date:   8/7/2012 9:36:39 PM ( 9 y ago)

Day 4

Having searched many times about juice fasting or cleansing of any kind on the internet, we have come across so many posts full of passionate excitement going like this: "Today is day 1 of my 90 day cleanse..." and that's the only lonely entry out there. We make no such tall statement. But... having made it past the first 3 days and survived to tell the tale, decided to create this post to detail our journey in "Juicyland."

The reasons for juicing could be many. For JuicyQueen it is a search for better health as well as serious weight reduction (over 100 lbs). For JuicyStar it is a quest to lower cholesterol which is off the charts for her 31 years of age and just better health overall.

How did we begin?

Well there is a short story and there is a long story. The short story: we wanted to do it for a long time but it was never today but at some later time. We have both had some experience with juicing, cleansing and raw foods but somehow we didn't make it stick as a complete lifestyle transformation. And so it happened that we were together again, both feeling sick, low energy, depressed, after having gained weight and our diets having fallen way off the healthy live food wagon. And so we were laying around being tired and Greenstar came across the "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" film. We watched the film, it hit home and the rest is history that we hope to capture here in these pages.

Here is a little overview of the adventure so far.

I went off coffee for four weeks in July and during that time I did a whole body herbal cleanse. I didn't change my diet drastically during this time, basically being an omnivore. I would have poached eggs for breakfast, salad, even including red meat (grass fed buffalo, ostrich, organic steak). Ten years ago, I quit a high stress corporate job and spent a couple of weeks camping out by the river outside of mount Shasta drinking fresh spring water and mainly raw food and having my diet supplemented with greens. When I left my job, my body was covered with hives from head to toe that no doctor was able to diagnose or treat successfully. It was later determined to be a combination of autoimmune inflammation and skin fungus. I also had an enlarged ovary that was my last alarm bell to change. And so since then I have stumbled around and felt my way into natural healing. Shortly after that I went on to do my first 10 day water fast and then proceeded to learn everything I could about raw foods, even becoming a certified raw food chef and being a raw fooddist for some time. But somewhere deep down, I always felt like I had to make excuses for this lifestyle, that it wasn't an option for me to just fully surrender and ten years down I am almost back to the habits that have spurred me on that journey ten years ago.

As introduction to my story, I want to share that for the first time I was able to bear a 14 hour plane journey to visit my daughter, by only drinking water with orange juice without eating anything. I know a little bit about fasting because I used it in the past to heal some health problems and to reduce my weight from 365 lbs to 235 lbs. This weight reduction took me a few years and many prayers and has been a roller coaster. But when I felt better I started to indulge in some unhealthy foods again, little by little. I now understand I did not dedicate myself 100% to a completely new and health giving lifestyle of feeding myself only the best living energy from the best living food, especially green juice. And of course I was still dreaming about reaching a normal weight to feel as a normal person again, but my weight began to creep back up. So somewhere deep inside I understood I needed a whole new level of commitment. What I have come to understand is that indulging in unhealthy food is unconscious self-abuse.
So now I decided to "indulge" in self-love and feed my body properly with the best health enhancing food which is living, fresh squeezed juices to begin my journey into a new lifestyle.

This brings us to how we view this juice cleanse. We have no pre-determined time limit to do this. Maybe 30 days, maybe 60 days. We are taking it one day at a time. But we are also looking at this process as a way to completely transform our eating habits and we feel that juicing is a great way to begin.

How are we doing it? We mainly juice fresh, organic green vegetables, fruits and herbs: celery, kale, cucumber, swiss chard, collard greens, dandelion greens, tarragon, parsley, green apple, etc. Our favorite drink is celery, kale, green apple and ginger. We drink 4 16oz glasses. Greenstar also takes a supplement twice a day that is 1/2 tsp of green powder + 1/2 tsp raw protein powder. This seems to help with having to work a demanding full day job.

Looking back at the first 3 days, word of advice is DRINK MORE WATER. At least 10 - 14 glasses. By day 4, your body will demand water! Day 3 was the hardest, feeling dizzy, tired and difficulty focusing. JuicyQueen felt like she was going through a fog the first three days and let herself rest on day 3 but on day 4 woke up feeling refreshed, enthusiastic about the cleanse and optimistic about life!


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