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Dennis Klocek, on the subject of consciousness in health and starting with the forces of life that are involved in the healing process and which are also recognized by German New Medicine as part of the biological programs that are launched in incidences of shock conflict.

Date:   7/15/2012 3:32:57 AM ( 9 y ago)

"Dialogue is the new community. If we don't learn how to hold dialogue with each other, in a civil way, the door is open to mass psychosis."[1]

I agree Dennis! And Dyads can support the learning of this kind of dialogue. How about including Dyads there at Rudolf Steiner College?

Re: the "biological programs" that are the very intelligent core in German New Medicine. - These are all "significant biological special programs of nature created to support an organism (all, but namely human) during unexpected distress ... revealing that nature is caring..." Caroline Markolin, Ph.D. who also said when she first heard Dr. Hamer speak she realized "this was science at its best!"[2]


Just wrote the following to my German New Medicine friend:

"... I believe Dyads can support the learning process whereby people can experience genuine dialogue. I think it's possible that people generally are not versed in dialogue and therefore don't fully know what it is. In any case I think there is a need for 'guides' to help steer monologues into a two-way dialogue.

I realize now that dialogue is a higher form of communication than is possible in a monologue and therefore it deserves our loving support. I think more connection is required for true dialogue than is required for a monologue and that if people became aware of that, they may realize that they want the greater connection, for that greater connection is love.

I had already identified with Scott Peck's insight to community being based on communication, however I did not have dialogue in that picture. Now, the more I think on what Dennis Klocek said, the more I realize the truth of dialogue as the higher form of communication that community requires. The 'connections' that are required for community is largely all one-to-one!

I have identified the need for dialogue as my primary batch of 'new seeds' that I choose now. This is the purpose of my 11th house that I am in now. And today my "Month of Wishes" begins!

May 6th, 2016 -

Referred to this post at LinkedIn:

I am ready, willing and able to plant the seeds of dialogue in the "enchanted garden onion" patch. ; ~ )


[1] Dennis Klocek in a video clip at:



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