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nrxt day, first detox symthoms. Not fun

Date:   5/9/2012 12:29:50 PM ( 11 y ago)

As much as I was full of determination and contempt for myself yesterday, as lazy and moody I was today.
Before going to sleep I could've gone for a walk, but I didnt. I was hungry. Snapped at my husband. Had a cup of hot water with lemon and honey before going bed. I decided to sleep on the couch, and it was a wise decision - i was tossing and turning all night long, with sweats and nightmares. I attributed this to the first detox symthoms.
This morning, the skin on my face was and is horrible, dry and flaky at the corners of my mouth, and on my forehead (usually i have a pretty good normal skin). A few breakouts on my chin. that didn't contribute to the overall mood either.
I skipped breakfast (i normally don't eat it anyway, so it was nothing special). But I also skipped my morning run/walk in the park. I was snappy. Had a headache and felt like I will never lose any weight. In short: I was still angry at myself (and the world).
By noon, I had such a headache (i did have a hibiscus tea by then), that I HAD to eat smth. That something turned out to be a couple of slices of dark bread, with ham and some tomatoes. Followed by some black tea and dark chocolate. I knew i shouldnt eat that - but it was there, and I was still cranky.
I had a lot of work to do, so at some point I munched on another couple of toasts, even though i wasn't that hungry.
around 5pm (I am in Europe), i watched a few juice-diet before and after episodes on YouTube. It all sounded so easy. 10 days of a juice diet and one girl lost like 17 Lbs. I am sure she didn't have a hungry husband and a fridge full of goodies (ok, i still do sound angry). But at least that made me put on my gym stuff and head for the park. I didn't run, but i walked and stretched for about 40 minutes. I couldn't have done more, but I had to work further. It made me think that all those blogs and videos about dieting are - after all - useful. it may be pathetic and self-absorbed to document your every fart, but hey - if it makes a person outthere to hit the gym or simply get out of the house - its already a good thing.
I tell you people, they say looking at green grass, trees and hearing the birds, fresh air and all that does wonders - and it does. After my walk, I came back relaxed and rather motivated. I mixed a large jogurt with a banana and strawberries. and that was my evening meal.
its still not a juice diet, but lets see - maybe i find myself feeling better tomorrow and have a juicing day.
Wish me luck
PS I didn't weigh myself, because i hate seeing those digits light up. but i will try and do it tomorrow when i wake up.
PPS and no cigarettes or alcohol yesterday or today.


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