Day 5 to 10 update to 60day water fast by #152702 .....

I truly can't believe I made it to day 10. The lack of energy I feel is a killer.

Date:   4/19/2012 4:54:41 AM ( 11 y ago)

I truly can't believe I made it to day 10.
It's all true about losing your appetite completely but the lack of energy I feel is a killer. Like I have neen hit by a truck, every muscle hurts to move.

Day 5 Awful. Woke up dizzy and feeling sick and no amount of water made it go away it lasted all day. Have realised that the skin on the back of my hands is a good hyrdation indicator, when it is dry and crepey I know to drink more water. I really dont like water so have to force it down. 243lbs

Day 6 Much better. Walked dogs for an hour but otherwise a quiet day. Tired (as usual) and still have dragon breath. 241lbs

Day 7 Freaked out because I had bruises all over my legs, same pattern both legs, grouped around my knees. Took some arnica homepathic remedy which made it go away. Tired but OK 240lbs

Day 8 I passed a stool! It was about the size of a walnut and firm but not hard. since then I have had this kind of yellow drip. No hunger whatsoever but so so tired. When does the rush of energy come? Haad one small peppermint tea as reward for completing first week (delicious) 237lbs

Day 9 Still tired, throat a bit sore, dragon breath. I can see that I might break this diet for lack of energy rather than hunger. 236lbs

Thanks for all the inspiration here, reading other posts helps me a lot.


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