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Date:   4/17/2012 10:57:08 AM ( 10 y ago)

Have a serious diet coke addiction besides a food addiction. I got up to drinking about 4-5 2 liter bottles of diet coke a day!
Starting out with a lemon water fast to help me ease into pure water fasting. Because I am so used to only drinking diet cokes all the time, lemon water fasting should make it easier for me to start with, then after a few days I will do pure water fasting.
The hardest thing for me is going to be not drinking diet cokes more than going with out food.
I know the dangers of aspartame but still haven't been able to stop. I think it has mostly effected my vision and eyes, seem to be getting worse.

After I am finished fasting I plan to follow a plant based diet and may do some juice fasting too afterwards.

5'6, Starting Weight:200


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