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First four days water fast

Date:   4/13/2012 2:55:00 PM ( 11 y ago)

I am a 40 year old female and I have had chronic lyme disease for the past 3 years. Very quickly after becoming ill I was my periods stopped, my thyroid stopped working properly, I had a lot of joint stiffness but mainly my problems have been mental/psychological. It has been a long hard road and I am chronically fatigued and have gained 80lbs.
I have not fasted before in any way so this is my first fast. I have done a lot of research and I am fasting with the guidance of a sympathetic naturopath.

Day 1 ... the main reason I didn't start this record until day 4 is because I have done day One 4 times before I could start. I just could not get through that first evening hunger pangs. I finally did. My hunger was terrible but fast had started! 257lbs and I walked for an hour today

Day 2 ... was hard. I was so hungry and my mouth had thick white coating but made it through the day. Nasty headache in the evening relieved with hot bath. Woke up at 3am and hard to get back to sleep, but woke normal time feeling good. 254lbs and I walked for 40mins today

Day 3 Hunger was a little better. Mouth is still horrible, brushing my teeth makes it clean for about an hour before the dragon breath returns. Woke up again in the middle of the night. Can't decide if I need less sleep or just my sleep is disrupted. 45 mins walking & I am 250lbs.

Day 4 Today the hunger really has gone. I usually have an incredible appetite (which is not the same as hunger)but one of the reasons I am overweight. I was worried my appetite for food would mean that I would spend 60 days with terrible food cravings but I really don't feel hungry. I made a herbal peppermint tea for my dragon breath and after I made it I decided not to drink it and stick with water even though it smelled amazing. 1hr walk. 244lbs

No mental fog yet, I might even be thinking more clearly. I seem to be a little more balanced emotionally than I have been for a while. very little energy by mid afternoon.


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