Final Scene from El Cid with Charleton Heston-Magnificent by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Final Scene from El Cid with Charelton Heston-Magnificent; We are down to the wire to get the remainder of the 850,000 signatures we need to get on the ballot to push back GMOs. I am watching films of going against the impossible to remind myself of the impending necessity to take our seeds back.

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Final Scene from El Cid with Chaleton Heston-Magnificent

Tomorrow is Easter

Final Scene from El Cid with Chaleton Heston-Magnificent

850,000 Signatures Needed
tp drive Monsanto back


King Ferdinand dies, and his eldest son, Prince Sancho (Gary Raymond), becomes king. The younger son, Prince Alfonso (John Fraser), also desires the throne; his sister, Princess Urraca (Geneviève Page) secretly has Sancho assassinated. At Alfonso's coronation, El Cid has him swear upon the Bible that he had no part in the death of his brother. Since he had no part in it as his sister was responsible, he swears so, but has Rodrigo banished for his impudence. Jimena’s love for El Cid is rekindled and she chooses banishment with him.
Rodrigo is later called into service of the king once again, to protect Castille from Yusuf's North African army. He allies himself with the other Emirs who fear Ben Yusuf and at Valencia, Rodrigo relieves the city of the wicked Emir Al-Kadir, who had betrayed him. The Emir Al-Mu'tamin and the Valencians offer the crown to ‘The Cid’, but he refuses it and sends the crown to King Alfonso. Rodrigo then repels the invading army of Ben Yusuf, but is wounded in battle by an arrow before the final victory. If the arrow is removed, there is a chance that he will live, but he will not be able to lead his army. El Cid obtains a promise from Jimena to not remove it, knowing that this will kill him. He intends to ride out, even if dead. King Alfonso comes to his bedside and asks for his forgiveness.
The morning after El Cid dies, his body is secured upon his horse and sent out at the head of his army with King Alfonso and Emir Al-Mu'tamin on either side of his horse. When Yusuf's army see him with his eyes still open, they believe that El Cid's ghost has come back from the dead. Babieca, his horse, tramples on and kills Ben Yusuf, who is too terrified to fight. The invading North African army is completely defeated. The film ends with King Alfonso leading Christians and Moors in a prayer "for the purest knight of all".


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