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It may not be a new diet you need, but a new Lifestyle

Date:   4/5/2012 5:24:55 PM ( 11 y ago)

LifeStyle Change (Don't Let The Title Scare You)

Heres the thing, we live in a modern society, but our body isn't modern. Our body is still the same as when Adam and Eve got here. Sure we look a little different and don't die from a paper cut, but we are the same essentially. So why are we putting all this new fangled food into our bodies?

A very good way to go about getting the fat off is by changing a few major lifestyle choices. Not only will these choices positively affect your weight, but they will lower your risk of disease as well. They may even contribute to lower taxes, more time we can get out of fossil fuels, and cut down on our nation being ruled by giant corporations.

So what are these little big changes?

Stop! Shopping at the bloodsucking Wal-Marts of the world. Look, I know we all love a good deal, but you know what? Judas thought he was getting a good deal. This life is not about saving money, and when you make it that, you affect others negatively. Walmart puts so many areas of commerce (Mom and Pops stores) out of business that the statistics are so large I can't type the number because I don't have the page space! Not to mention how they actually cause you to spend more on stuff you don't need because it's "Cheaper". What should we do instead? Shop at farmers markets. That will help get the healthier food to become cheaper. Remember our good old friend supply and demand? There won't be any bad choices to choose from, and the people their are a different breed of awesome. They know that beauty actually is only on the outside if you don't eat right. Also, the fruits and veggies at farmers markets are usually organic and fresher.

Eat Smaller Meals. More Often. We have all heard that it works, but why don't we do it? Stop putting "more important" things ahead of eating. If you don't shape up soon those important things won't get done anyway since you'll be in a hospital bed or worse. Most people don't realize but almost 99% of diseases are directly affected by diet! Six meals a day should do it. Lets say: 7 am 10 am 1 pm 330 pm 6pm 830pm
That is simply an example. Do what you feel is best for you. And try to lay off the carbs for the last meal or two.

Go for a walk, jog, garden, do something. I do yoga. Do it once a day if possible, for about an hour. This is really not so hard. If you are missing out on family time than include them! I know my daughter loves to play baseball with me (even more than I do)

Go organic. It tastes better. It is better. So only buy organic and then sooner or later there only will be organic. Before WWI there was no such thing as organic. Because everything was organic already! Crazy right.

Live by this rule. More than 7 ingredients that you can't pronounce, don't buy it.
In addition to that rule, a very good way to think about it is, if God put it here, it's probably okay. (i.e. fruits and veggies, bread, milk, nuts, seeds, fish, oh so many healthy things we really don't eat enough of.

These few new steps should tide us over for a bit. Just to recap, we have:
Eat in Moderation
Eat Super Foods
Exercise 45 min a day
5-7 small meals
don't shop at big chains, shop at farmers markets
go organic
too many ingredients=to many health problems.

You are awesome for reading my blog, I thank you.
Feel free to leave as many comments or questions as you want!

Stay Healthy,
Tom Rio


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