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Lost a little

Date:   11/28/2011 8:54:14 PM ( 10 y ago)

I have lost a little weight only a few pounds but some clothes are fitting better. I really want to get rid of some more but life is going good so not going to stress myself out. my week went like this:
friday - mostly raw, no exercise
saturday - cooked, no exercise
sunday - cooked, no exercise
monday - mostly raw , run 4 miles & weights
tuesday - mostly raw, run 4 miles
wednesday - cooked, walk little lake
thursday - cooked, walk big lake
Even though i had more cooked days then previously i really controlled my portions, i had very little processed food with majority being grilled vegies and meat/fish. The main reason being we had lots of christmas party's and ate out 3 nites - which we rarely do. I am happy i am able to do the social things but be very conscious of what i am eating. Most days i stay raw until dinner which also helps. I would like to be runnign more and doing more weights so need to concerntrate on this. Feeling positive though!


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