Day 17 & 18 by ausjulie2 .....

Finally at the good bit!

Date:   10/20/2011 11:46:50 PM ( 10 y ago)

yeah everything has got sooo much better, i feel fantastic!! i'm not sure what bought on the awfulness but so happy it has gone. Its friday and i am not even bothered by it - actually looking forward to the weekend and sleeping in, planting some seedlings and spending some time outside. My smaller work pants kind of fit, they are tighter than they use to be but getting there - hopefully by this time next week they should be comfy. i have backed off the juice and upped the MC lemonade which is working at the moment, i started laxs again last nite and had no bad effects so its not them that sent me into a tail spin. i really hope it was some nasty cleansing that went on to make me feel so awful. bm's are steady at 1-2 a day nothing major yet but hoping to get some old stuff out next week. I will have to work out a way to make this happen arghh!!!! Running every second night not sure how far but it feels good and walking every other nite. Also doing some weights sit ups push ups etc. Gym next week to get a good routine going that i wont get bored of. Thank goodness its all working out - 2 days ago the end of the fast seemed like forever away but today it seems so close and not at all a chore!!!


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