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Day Three of my juice fast

Date:   10/14/2011 3:42:12 PM ( 10 y ago)

So it's day three of my juice fast. I'm feeling great today, no weakness and not as tired either- slightly hungry but just barely...I wish I were hungrier so I knew I was burning more calories and could tell my body is eating fat reserves (blech). I find I am craving food less and less and that's what I really want to happen through this fast- I want to gain control over food and not let mere cravings make my body into something I despise: seriously! That's all that it is that stands between who I am and who I could be- stupid cravings for stupid snacks...I'm hoping that when I come out of this fast I will be able to clearly see how ridiculous it is to be controlled by something yummy, and I will no longer have that food "addiction." I can already feel myself breaking some of my habits- I was craving food just out of habit and for the taste of it last night but I didn't give in. I distracted myself until the feeling passed- a skill I hope to carry into my everyday life post-fast.
I will check in soon :)


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