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Long post - lots to say as usual

Date:   10/13/2011 6:47:06 AM ( 10 y ago)

Things are going well today is day 9 and I am definitely feeling better, stronger in myself and very determined to make it. Last night was the first time I felt a bit hungry so I am obviously not having enough juice. I am mostly drinking water all day, juice at lunch time and then juice at dinner time with herbal tea after that if I feel like it. I thought I would have introduced MC lemonade by now but so far I am not sick of the juice so sticking with it. If it aint broke donít fix it! I have fallen into my fasting routine, wake up go to work, come home for lunch juice, back to work, finish go for a run/walk come home weights push up..take a long long hot shower. Relax in front of heater/tv for a little while, juice tv, herbal tea and bedÖsounds pretty boring but strangely rewarding Ė easy, comfortable. Sunday went for walk somewhere I havenít been before so that is always good to relieve the boredom, monday I got the step aerobic out and did cardio and weights Ė ouch a mama! But a good ouch. Last nite managed to run/jog the small lake including the hills and most of the way home so that was good. Very sore legs today so just goin to walk the big lake. Doing some weights at home sit ups and push ups. Very frustrating to know how fit I use to be and where I am now. ARggh wish I could maintain fitness rather than up and down. Oh well at least I am exercising. Weight is coming off my work pants are definitely loser. Probably have lost a size but waiting till next week and hoping my smaller pants will fit (still not skinny pants). I always feel at this stage of the fast that I could go longer Ė especially considering how much weight I have to lose. I will get to the end and see how I feel. Lax teas are working well with two BMs a day. Sleeping much better but still having trouble getting to sleep Ė my mind kind of races which I need to work on. Definitely getting better since the start of the fast. I was having so many negative thoughts and feeling very angry, jealous and envy all not good. My life is not perfect and I have made some bad choices in the past but its not horrific and I need to concentrate on the important things that matter and not the peripheral stuff. Trying to think of advice I can give someone who may be reading and considering a fast or on one at the moment. I still think it is one of the best things I have ever done. Donít get me wrong its bloody hard and can send you in to spins, but if you can work thru the downs and enjoy all the ups then it really is worth it. It helps me to think, this is not forever, this is just for me, this is good for my body, I am so strong for being able to do this!!! Go in armed with information, the first fast is trial and error. Donít worry about how much juice you are consuming or what type (as long as its all freshly squeezed) make sure you take care of the BMís and be kind to yourself for everything else. Fasting frees up a lot of time so important to have some activities planned, books to read, places to go or movies to watch. Maybe a blog or two to write. If you are going thru it and hit those low low moments and desperately wont to give in there are generally a few physical reasons why this is happening. You are not consuming enough juice, you are not consuming enough water or you are not eliminating the waste in your body. All of this can be fixed and may take a day of unpleasantness to rectify but you can fix it. The other main reason why you want to quit is purely mental. This too can pass, its important to have reasons why you want to fast, its also important to remember itís a temporary state. Never quit a fast at nite or in the middle or end of a day Ė that is my advice. Always try to get to the next morning then make your decision. Things often look better in the morning!


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