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starting master cleanse diet

Date:   9/22/2011 1:30:01 PM ( 10 y ago)

Will im back, I finished college, moved and im on a hunt for a new job. So i now have the time without stress to do this master cleanse diet. im going on vacation till Sunday so this Monday when i get back i plan to start the Master Cleanse Diet. I know they say not to do it for weight loss. But that is my ultimate reason for doing it, so if you dont like my reason dont read or respond to my blogs. But do know that I am aware of the fact that it has other benefits. So its a win, win situation. Anyways I plan to do it in 10 day intervals so i might do 4 intervals to get to my goal weight. Last time i did 10 days i lost 10 pounds but then got sick and had to stop. So this time im hoping it will be different. Happy fasting


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