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We each often think or wonder what God wants in our life? The problem is has been acerbated by the religions of the world! Why what has happened to distract us from God?

Date:   8/19/2011 7:46:05 AM ( 10 y ago)

    Using various sources including some from " The Heart of the Story "  God's masterful design to restore His People! by Randy Frazee - Zondervan.com

     Starting at the beginning, we all know the story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden { in Hebrew means Delight}; where with basically Heaven on Earth, they had everything they would ever need provided!  It was the ultimate welfare state, perfect temperature, no storms, so there was no need for cloths...  Food was available just for the taking, as much as you may want, no mosquito, or wasps, or any other bites or stings...  All the animals were tame and non aggressive, there was no pollution or bad odors in the perfect air... No alarm clocks, on jobs, no traffic jams, on crime, no real problem except maybe what will we eat today?

  But because God gave us a free will to decide what we want to do; we have this ability to do things our way. no matter the consequences! The second part of this equation is that our actions of the "flesh" can cause effects for others beyond ourselves! Which is exactly that they did in disobeying God's directive not to eat from the trees in the mist of the garden.  They were tempted and did eat from the "Tree of Knowledge" which cause them to be cast from the garden, and allowed all humanity to have the opportunity or problem of knowing good from evil!

  God wants us to share His Love and concerns, yet our tendency to disobey Him; communicates the problem of sin!  Sin is any thought or action that is contrary to the Will of God!  While we may all start out on a positive course with God in our life, generally our thoughts are turned away to the many things of the world!  Just stop and think of your very own life; have you noticed how easy it is to become distracted from the good and caring things you want to do?  If we do not continually try to keep our eyes focused on God's Will in our life; it is not long before we become distracted and turn away...  This is the story of mankind!   

  When we refuse to pay attention to God, He has a way to get our attention! When our priorities become more import that God's, our lives become marked by more futility and problem!  It is not that God hands out more troubles to humans, rather it is the effect that Sin causes, because sin separates us from God!  God does not accept or tolerate sin in His presence!   Sin marks our lives with futility!

  God allows times of difficulty to come upon man so we will be sure to " give careful thought to our ways!"   The Bible reminds us that the Sun rises upon the goodl and the evil and the rains fall on the righteous and the unrighteous...  Things happen, and we must not blame God for these happening!  God does not deal directly with nations, religions, or special groups; rather He deals directly with individuals one on one! Therefore give careful considerations as to your thoughts, passions and ways! Are you eager to spend time with God in prayer and deed? 

  I have yet to meet a Believer in the Lord Jesus; who deliberately set out to ignore God!  Now many things get in the way of our best intentions or purpose; and many drift away because they allow other things become more important!  We often squeeze God in a corner of our life...  Things like religion, home, career, children, money, desires for power and stuff become our gods!

   God will not remain in the closet of your life, He wants to be with you, where ever you are what ever you do; because He loves you! Pray for deliverance and guidance to direct your pathway of life!  

  Future blogs will explore the help and effect of the Holy Spirit in your life!  


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