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"God wants you well" - This is the truth, yet many disbelieve and operate in the negative fashion of the world! How can or do you receive this Blessing in your life?

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 Why does mankind have so much disease and illness?

 First fo all, God does not cause sickness, disease and distress upon people, or cause they to go to hell!  If you search the "Word of God" {The Holy Bible or hear the gospel preached} then you will know He has allowed each and everyone a free agency to choose!  There are certain Spiritual Laws in effect which control what happens...  ex. Law of gravity!  

 These laws are in effect and determine what conditions effect our life!  Therefore God does not will that any get sick or go to Hell; rather it is the result of personal choices and disobedience to the Laws of God....   

BTW: God does not nor can He disobey His own laws or He would cease to be Almighty God. who is all truth and rightiousness! 

 Nothing {which is a Law of God} can exist in two states, i.e. Hot & Cold, or Up & Down, or Good & Bad, or  Evil and Rightious, ect....

 He allows the natural order of things per the Laws of the Created Universt to accur; because He (God) gave each of us a free agency (choice) and He can not allow you to choose!   Therefore when people get sick it is because of some decision either intensional or not, made by yourself or through the actions of others...  It is not that God wills it, rather it is that He allows it due to personal choices...

 What does the Holy Bible really say about walking in Divine Health?  Read  " God wants you well" by Andrew Wammack

 So how do some receive healing then some doesn't get healed? 

 The greatest factor in this is both the Faith of the one praying and the one(s) being prayed for! 

 *** We will cover this more in future blogs...




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