day 1 of 7 lets do this! by RedRoses90 .....

day 1 of 7 day fast

Date:   5/28/2011 4:29:11 AM ( 11 y ago)

right 7 day fast begins today
going to take the first couple days easy and allow myself 1 hot chocolate each of the first 3 days in the hope that it will keep me going and i will not have anything but water for the last 4 so heres hoping i can do it!
monday i plan on going shopping so that will hopefully keep my mind off of the hunger, today i should be fine i used to manage the first day quite easily i think tomorow is going to be the struggle.
ive decided to not weigh myself until monday and then i will weigh myself again on friday when i finish my fast. fingers crossed i manage this its really aboout time i got more serious about trying

gw 7 stone!


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