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A Candida Cleanse beginning

Date:   3/17/2011 3:47:58 PM ( 7 y ago)

Yesterday was a long day as most wednesdays usually are for me now. Coming up next month in April, my weeks will be even longer and more challenging.

I am sitting in my living room looking at a raven on my gate who is attempting to come and get the crackers I left out by the door, while my cats sit and watch. He is too afraid to come because the cats are on the other side of the screen! It is soo cute! I love to feed all the animals in the area, I also feed raccoons and opossums and neighborhood cats :)

So last night I felt very nervous, I had a beer and my boyfriend made pasta and salad which I ate. But after, I felt unsettled and wanting food. Usually I use the food to help me calm down. So, after eating dinner, I had 7 hershey's kisses, a drumstick (ice cream kind) and some peanut butter cookies. ... needless to say I slept for a very long time after that, unsettled sleep that is, and now I'm awake in the living room enjoying my coffee. I wanted to binge this morning because I felt guilty about last night, but I thought over things and realized that I know in my heart I love myself, I am doing better, and not to give up. Today I have to do therapy on a client too and I really want to be in a good place emotionally. This is all practice for me for when I become a healer/therapist.

So basically, I feel compelled to begin a candida cleanse which means generally giving up sugar and alcohol which are really leading to my problems. I am basically going to do a cleanse but not be super strict because I know that I am very controlling about things and if things do not come out perfectly I get really upset. So, I do not want to be that way because in general, if I mess up, then its kind of like that whole all or nothing mentality. At least that is the way I have been in the past. I do plan on having a drink occassionally. I also plan on eating a piece of cake if its a holiday, but I think for about a year, I would like to stick to this type of healthy eating just to see how good it makes me feel! I want to start juicing again. I want to drink kombucha, eat saurkreut and yogurt. I want to heal my insides.

The reason I know I have candida is because in 2006, I was told by a psychic healer that I had raging candida. At the time, I was binge eating all of the time. I have healed from that type of bingeing a lot in the past couple years. It is probably not as bad as it was, but still fairly bad. So, I am starting this cleanse. I will let you know how it goes, I'm excited!!!


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