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Days 9 & 10

Date:   1/13/2011 11:34:43 AM ( 12 y ago)


This was a VERY bumpy day for me! I had real cravings - the screw this I want food couldn't care less about the cleanse kind of cravings. But somehow I made it through. I did not drink much of my cleanse drink that day - in protest, I think. :) So - I don't remember anything about that day aside from being mad at the cleanse and life in general. Of course, this too I'm sure was a detox symptom!

DAY 10

MUCH better day on day 10. I also decided that I was on solid footing enough to make up the cleanse mixture as I drank it - still drinking two glasses at a time, for a total of three "meals" (I have six glasses a day). Well, for one thing it certainly TASTES better having it fresh, in addition to the thousands of other reasons to drink it fresh, of course. I have more bm's now than I did in the early days...pretty good considering I still don't do the salt water flush. At this point, almost 15 years after I did my first Master Cleanse, I think it is safe to say that the chances of me ever doing the SWF are pretty slim. And I am BEYOND okay with that.

I'm on Day 11 as I write, and I also made up a "cleanse chart" to help myself feel better. I made up four charts - each one two weeks each - with five "blocks" each per day:

Body Brush
Body Flex
Master Cleanse

I decided it was time to add real exercise in, aside from walking, so I picked up on some other cure zoners tips and started doing Body Flex and T-Tapp - both of which are already showing the fruits of my labor...I'm sold! I also feel Body Brushing (using the method the T-Tapp woman does) is also really helping - my skin has never been so soft in my entire life!! Wish I tried these years ago when I first read about them. AND I am only doing 15 mins of each one a day. B'bye hours at the gym.

Back to the chart, I got some stickers (how old am I??) and I put a sticker in each block as I've completed them. Right now I have the first four blocks for today stickered, and at 7pm (when my personal cleanse day ends, and the next day begins...see earlier posts for my reasoning on this one) I put a sticker in the "Master Cleanse" block. It does make me want to do things so I can put the sticker in the box. Not just for kids, people.

I will end this post with my current favorite appreciation quote (from Abraham-Hicks, of course), as I know that practicing appreciation is the reason I have had the strength to do this cleanse in the first place:

Once you become oriented toward looking for things to appreciate, you will find that your days will be FILLED with such things! New ideas and solutions will appear to you!


Who could ask for more that that?!


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