Re: Day 7 & 8 by joyousgirl .....

Date:   1/11/2011 3:32:11 PM ( 12 y ago)

Hi Sacristia,

Thanks so much!! YES - definitely getting the detox symptoms - all of them, I believe. :)

I've never done a water fast, but I believe the Master Cleanse is a gentler version - you have quite a bit of energy on it and I hear that is not the case with a water fast.

SO happy you like! I just adore that site! I just found it a month ago and thought I found a cute little unknown blog site...little did I know she has been on TV, has books out and has thousands and thousands of visitors every day!

Read her "Black Heels To Tractor Wheels" blog story on her site...very fun!

Thanks again for the support!

xx J.


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