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Days 5 & 6

Date:   1/9/2011 11:17:30 AM ( 12 y ago)


This was another easy day for me, and the bm's are darker and more frequent. I honestly don't like to look at them, so not sure if they are all like that. :) I did have a few LIGHT cravings - or at least talking about food - but thats about it. SUCCESS!


This day was definitely tougher for me...but still no where near any other of my cleanse experiences. I had cravings, made it to the fridge and poked around for a while and then in the cabinets...and even though there were very tasty things to be found...they didn't interest me! So, I had cravings, but they were not strong enough for me to break the fast. YAY! I HAVE to remember that I am far enough along on the cleanse now that hunger is gone, so any cravings for food are really just a detox symptom, and will be gone with my next elimination. Remember remember remember. Aside from the cravings, and another 2 hr nap (I never nap when off the cleanse), this was a regular day for me. I should also note that I have not been exercising at all - just a walk here and there - because I wanted the first week to be about the cleanse. Day 8 I will add exercise. And today I realized that on day 5 I completely forgot to write down things that make me happy all day I added that back in as soon as I realized my error and have not had real cravings since!


I am only half way through my day 7, and so far so good! ZERO cravings, a little loopy, a few bm's. Starting to feel the strong urge for exercise, so tomorrow will be a welcome addition to my reportoire: EXERCISE!

ALSO - I forgot to mention something that has REALLY helped me along. In the past often I would get through the day only to wake up at 11pm or so and have a snack! VERY hard to beat the cravings when you are half asleep - and this has happened to me often, even though I am not a wake-and-eat kind of girl normally. SO - what I did this time around was count my "Day 1" from the time I stopped eating the day before. The day before I started, my last meal ended at 7pm. So, I only had to make it to 7pm on Day 1 before I was officially on Day 2! This continues to be huge for me...I look forward to that 7pm time, and every day I wake up and say "I am on Day 7 (or whatever), and almost to Day 8 at 7pm tonight!!"

These little things have REALLY helped me!

Back to Day 7 (and only 7 hours to Day 8!!) :)


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