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days 1-4: 60 day master cleanse and appreciation project

Date:   1/7/2011 12:02:29 PM ( 12 y ago)

Already on day 5...oops...I did write a length entry on day one and somehow it got deleted so I gave up. 
I will start by saying this time around has been a breeze compared to my previous cleanses. BREEZE. That's not to say I haven't have the vaguest whisper of McDonald's cheeseburgers (haven't had one in years) running around my head, but I would say any craving whispers - not screams like they used to be - have come and go only three or so times, and they lasted seconds. In one case it was light light light cravings for a few hours (day 3), but never did I even enter the kitchen.

I will also say I am a former Vegan (years ago) who has been eating whatever she darn well pleases for several years now, and loving every minute of it. But it has always been a dream of mine to be 80% raw and 20% whatever I darn well please. One thing I have learned from my preachy vegan days that vegans are NOT the only ones who will be enlightened/happy/healthy, etc. It is not the only path, and to be rigid about anything - even health - is counterproductive. But the raw world seems like so much fun to me. I want to be a Carol Alt raw, not a raw vegan, but I know to follow my own internal guidance system instead of whatever book I read, so we’ll see what my diet looks like at the end of this 60 day cleanse. I do have some pudge to get rid of...but I stopped weighing myself many years ago so I won't be able to tell you how much I have lost as I don't use those scale things anymore. I do know that women can lose 1 - 1.5 pounds a day and will stop when they hit the weight their body is comfortable with…so if you have 10 pounds to lose, you could lose that in the first seven days and then your weight will remain stable for the remainder of the cleanse…even if it is a long one.

This was easy peasy for me. I had no idea why until my aha moment this morning (see below “credit due” below). I made my lemon/syrup mixture the night before (did not add water or cayenne yet) as often I have fallen off the cleanse because I didn't make the mixture in time. So before bed, I made the cleanse mixture, my tea and the salt water flush so it is right there by my bed to drink in the morning. I am doing this until at least day 8 to make sure I stay on this thing, even though it would be better to have fresher lemonade. One thought I had this morning is to have someone else make the cleanse for me in the morning. Will work on that. :)

I drank the tea the night before and the salt water flush that morning. I do NOT like the salt water flush! The flush also didn't work that morning. I got a pretty harsh headache that afternoon that lasted all through day 2 with a few breaks of peace in between. Now I can say for sure that the headache is NOT just for people who have caffeine. I do not drink coffee or soda or even eat this headache cannot be blamed on that. I was also quite hungry and tired and took a long nap that afternoon.

I drank sixty ounces of MC made with 12 tbsp of lemon juice and 6 tbsp of maple syrup and filled up to the 60oz line with water. I pour 20 ounces into a jar at a time for each “meal”, and add two 1/10 tsp of cayenne (yuck) the instant before I drink it. I sip it fairly quickly with a straw. I drank three 20oz servings at 11am, 3pm, 7pm. I know it is better to have fresh lemons, drink it slowly, swirl it around, have it warm, hot, yada yada yada. I’m just doing what works for me, and it is definitely working! I also drink 60 oz of water a day (about 2 quarts). Bowel movements were few but I could feel the cleanse take hold of me pretty quickly. Actually, when I am really geared up to cleanse, I can feel my body getting into cleanse mode even days beforehand, even if I have not changed my eating patterns. There are many normal days when I don’t eat until 2pm or so and my body doesn’t act like I am cleansing. But when starting a cleanse, I can feel it working the second I wake up. Crazy, eh?

Again easy cravings wise, but MAJOR headache and slept a good part of the day away. I am fortunate that I have all the free time in the world right now - I know not everyone is able to do that. Made up the stuff the night before and decided I cannot get down the salt water flush. I never have been able to, but thought this time around I would force myself. Nope. I am officially off the SWF and having tea in the am and pm. I make up a little pot of the tea at night and drink half and pour the other half into a mug and bring it up to bed. When I wake up, even before drinking water, I drink the tea. Works for me! I experienced more BMs today than yesterday, and I felt very hazy and loopy and pretty cheery throughout the day.

This was the day with the light light light cravings. Still nothing that would have derailed me like I have experienced on every other cleanse. Yeeehaww! A bit more energy, feeling good, took a walk, and felt hunger pangs here and there. Drank my stuff at 12, 4 and 7pm. And again I really don’t like the cayenne, so I drank my MC in three batches, quickly, and it made my day a dream. Before bed I again made my tea and cleanse mixture for the next day. Yes, it is better to squeeze the lemons the morning of, or even better right before you drink the mixture, but having it already done has made me very happy. It’s not even an option when I get up…"Do I make the cleanse?”. It’s done. Made. Drink it. No discussion.

Much more energy, but some hunger. Also breaking out (I never do) from the rancid oils being purged from my body. YUM! No cravings – not even teeny weensy ones. At this rate I could be on a 60 day cleanse! :)


1. "Getting In The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide". This morning while listening to the Physical Well Being meditation (I have been listening to one 15 meditation a day for about two months now), I heard something along the lines of: ‘Something you will notice after listening to these meditations for a while is things you have struggled about in the past now come to you easily. You will feel inspired to do things.’ That is EXACTLY how I feel about the cleanse this time around! And considering I have been doing this cleanse on and off for 20 years, I can say with complete confidence that this current cleanse has been the easiest one ever. GRATEFUL.

2. Not being around food AT ALL. If someone is eating in my house, I go upstairs. I do not go to the grocery store – EVER – and I have others buy the lemons for me. I do not look through cookbooks or watch food commercials and I certainly do NOT watch the Food Network! This may sound like common sense, but all of the above I have done on previous cleanses at one time or another. I have learned my lesson.

3. People around me have been completely supportive (I have a feeling the meditations are the cause for this one, too). No longer are they saying “C’mon…one meal won’t kill you” or trying to get me to get off the cleanse and start “after this one event/dinner/party/meal/occasion/superbowl/movie. Instead – radio silence. No food talk, no cooking around me, no nuthin. GRATEFUL.

4. I carry around – ALL DAY LONG – a little notebook and I spend every possible minute looking for things I love, things that make me feel good, pretty things, funny things, good things…and I write them down in my notebook. I also listen to one 15min meditation a day from Abraham-Hicks. That about covers my “Appreciation” portion of this project. There are many, many books on Appreciation out there. I personally have found the Abraham-Hicks stuff rings true for me, so I no longer focus anywhere else.

Back to Day 5! Wish me luck!


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