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The first day of a water fast.

Date:   12/10/2010 10:19:12 AM ( 12 y ago)

As I start my water fast, I hope to be successful like many water fasters do in the start of their own journey. The longest I have gone in a water fast is 3 days, and I am hoping to go for 10 this time around. I'm in college so going beyond the 3rd day was always a challenge. Now with winter break coming up the water fast I feel should be a lot easier because the  only thing I have to worry about is the fast. I can find fun stuff to keep me occupied or just go to bed when I feel tired. When I had school, I couldn't just relax on my bed or watch movies all day because I was so busy with school work.

I started my fast on December 9 at 8PM. So hoping to break it on December 19 at 8PM.


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