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Attending to old injuries, inquiring whether structural healing is possible.

Date:   12/10/2010 2:11:24 AM ( 11 y ago)

"Act of God. Such inevitable accident as cannot be prevented by human care, skill or foresight; but results from natural causes, such as lightning and tempest, floods and foundation. Something superhuman, or something in opposition to the act of man."

When was about eleven years old and away from home in Summer camp for my first time, I got injured while playing "hare and hound". The staff were the hares and the campers were the hounds. Another camper and I went searching in the woods and we came to a tree and stopped. Suddenly a branch broke and feel onto my shoulder! Apparently the counselor that was up that tree had stepped onto the branch and it unexpectedly broke off and fell without any warning! Can that be considered as "Act of God"?

I am making note of this today as I just returned from an initial consultation at a spine and rehab clinic where I may get into a physical therapy program if it works for me financially. I have seen chiropractors over the last forty-five years (or so) and although I get relief every time I go that relief is usually temporary. I have noticed limited movement in the shoulder where the tree limb injury hit and limited movement when turning my head in that direction as well. I recently wondered whether that structural condition could be healed. I count finding out about this clinic to be a gift! I am planning to return tomorrow to find out whether it can work financially for me to go there three times a week. I really it does!

My answer, according to the definition here:

is no, that accident at camp was not an "act of God".

On the afternoon that the accident occurred I went to the camp's infirmary and began running a fever as well as feeling a lot of pain. In fact I was actually afraid that I might die! It was the worst injury of my eleven year old life! My parents were not informed of the accident at all, at any time! I was not taken to a hospital or even a doctor to have a medical exam! It was just treated in the camp's infirmary by the camp nurse who gave me some over the counter pain relief.

Twenty years ago I went back to the camp with the mission of searching camp records (of what had happened over twenty-five years earlier) and apparently there were no records. Had I found a record of the accident I would have made a claim against the insurance. But without any record of that accident or of any treatment I have nothing to show for a claim. I even looked into contacting the very first chiropractor that I had seen for the injury however that was not productive. Maybe it will work for me at the clinic I went to this afternoon.


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