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Date:   10/25/2010 10:06:58 AM ( 7 y ago)

What I learned from two months of bicycle commuting:

1. God is right. Those who don't work don't eat. Also, the admonitions against laziness in the Bible are legion and to the point. Also, one of the sins that doomed Sodom was laziness. Sometimes I found myself lamenting that I had to ride my bicycle to work. Also, more than that, I didn't want to ride my bicycle to the grocery store that was up over two big hills with no shoulder and lots of traffic, trucks and pickup trucks. If I didn't overcome inertia, I really would not eat. My garden was on the tailend of the growing season so I was pretty much eating chard and zucchini flowers and fruit.

This ties in to the other thing I started developing and that is mental toughness. I have a lot to say about mental toughness and dealing with ignorant drivers, cold rain, hot blazing weather,etc.

Somehow I'll get time this week to drop the bikes off at the bike shop for some TLC. Off to run some errands. Read this while you wait breathless for my next story:


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