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We are bugging out of the Tampa bay area because of the oil spill.

Date:   9/13/2010 7:43:39 PM ( 12 y ago)

Today, we went to a local dealer who sells used school busses. He sells mostly to chruches, but we are planning to buy one and turn in into living quarters. In essence, we are bugging out. My husband is 6-6, he won't be able to use a standard motor home, and from what we've read, the standard motor homes are not as well built as the school busses.
We are fixing up our home for sale, we have already had one looker, once we finish the few more home fix ups that need to be done, and clean it (ack) so it looks like nobody lives in it, we suspect it will sell quickly. Florida has attracted an amazing array of botttem feeders, they are sure that real estate here is a bargain.
We've been looking at selling our shop, and have decided we will do better to just pack it up and move it. The Fleamarket gets a cut, I had thought it was 10 % but I checked the new rental agreement, and it's been hiked to 20%. We've come to the conclusion that we are better off keeping our equipement intact, and avioding any legal problems from the fleamarket- and just take the shop with us.
We tried to get the blood panel for VOC's done last week, but didn't make it into the MD, we are going to try to do it this week.
This has been very hard emotionally, I cry a lot, my husband is very angry. I think that I cried most of the night Saturday night, and I found myself in the shop making jewelry the next day. I guess art comes right out of pain and chaos, I did good work, and it took me away from the misery of what has happened here.
Jewelry is great for immediate feed back, it's good if the customer pays for it and takes it home, then you know you did your job.
I do not know where we will live, we just know we need to leave the area. We also don't know about continuing to operate a mom and pop shop, it looks like the book keeping requirements under the financial reform bill will put us out of business, from the way that I read it, we will have to file an 1099 for almost every transaction, those with multiple transactions that do not add up to $600 per year will have to be amended to show that they exsisted but didn't add up to as much as expected.
I am trying to get information from my local congressman on what is needed by the bill, but I havn't yet heard back from his office.
And people wonder why unemployment is so high here, on one but the book keepers will be in business soon.
We are thinking to do shows, which will mean that we can do the paperwork after we are sell our stuff, and do no more selling until everything is caught up. I do not think we could run any kind of business any other way, if I understand the new regulations correctly.


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